NYC Cityproof Twistable Intense Lip Color; 030 Metropolitan Mauve

Hello my lovely readers,

I'm very happy to see you on my revamped blog; 'Flowers instead of lemons'. Today I have a review of one of the most loved budget products that has come out lately; the Cityproof Twistable Intense Lip Color by NYC. These are supposed to be dupes for the famous Chubby sticks by Clinic (which are quite expensive). These ones from NYC are way cheaper and if the reviews I read were correct, just as good. 
These lipproducts have been in stores for a while now and there are not expensive, only €3,99 and you can choose out of 12 shades. I went for '030 Metropolitan Mauve', the other shades are very beautiful as well but this one appealed the most to me.
The other shades:
  • 010 Lonita Neutral
  • 011 Brooklyn Brown Stone
  • 020 Riverside Rose
  • 021 Parsons Pink
  • 022 Fulton ST Fushia
  • 030 Metropolitan Mauve (the one I own)
  • 031 Gramercy Park Plum
  • 040 South Ferry Berry
  • 041 Ballroom Blush
  • 050 Park Slope Peach
  • 051 Canal ST Coral
  • 052 Roosevelt Island Red
NYC stays very true to it's image (all the names are have a name that has something to do with New York), without being boring. Well done.
No swatch on my arm today but I think this photo of my lips gives you a good impression of the shade. It's a gorgeous pale pink that is perfect for spring (it reminds me a lot of the NYX Butter Gloss I reviewed last month, read my review here). The product is really creamy and much more pigmented than I was expecting, I love it!
I'm definitely going to pick up more shades of this, I've looked up some swatches of the other shades and especially 041 Ballroom Blush and look gorgeous to me. The price will certainly not stop me because €3,99 is simply no money for such a beautiful product.



  1. Such a lovely color!

  2. Lip swatches zijn beter dan armswatches! Je hebt prachtige lippen en deze kleur staat je mooi :)