NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara

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Today I have a mascara review for you guys. Yet another one from NYC but I have been trying this brand out lately. I have already reviewed the 'High Definition Volumizing Mascara' (review) which I did not hate but did not love either. Maybe this 'Big Bold Curl' one will be a bigger hit, one thing is certain, it is bigger! A lot!
This mascara comes in a very big mint green tube with metallic purple letters. It looks kind of cheap but I like it, it looks cool and retro. NYC promises up to 12X more volume and up to 99% more curl, I am always wondering to what this compares and how they test it, don't you?
This is the wand, but that word is too small because it's enormous, reminds me a little bit of a banana ;). The hairs are real hairs which is usually something I don't like, I prefer plastic bristles. I'm also not a big fan of ginormous wands but lets give it a try.
 My bare eye
NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara
Well my first try was a complete fail, I got mascara everywhere. It was a black mess underneath my eye. I tried it again and I skipped my bottom lashes this time because the wand is just too big to give them a proper coat of mascara. My second attempt went better and the mascara wasn't on my lid this time. This doesn't mean I like the results, my lashes are clumped together and they aren't curled more than they were (I didn't use a eyelash curler). The mascara does nothing for my lashes, it just makes them black.
I did not hate the other NYC mascara that I reviewed but this one is a very big miss, not even worth the 4 euros I payed for it and I would never buy this again. It's just not good and is the last I will say about this.

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