My Morning Skincare Routine

Hello my loves,

Today I have a more positive blogpost for you after my negative one from Saturday (read it here), today I'm sharing the products with you, that I use in the morning. In other terms, today it's time for my morning skincare routine.
Well this resembles me in the morning. I'm not very good in getting up in time and I'm that girl who is always late. This is kind of a big problem since I have to get up really early, therefore I don't have much time in the morning and I've become a pro when it comes to my skincare routine.
The first thing I do in the morning is wiping my face with a wet washcloth but after that I take a cotton pad with this micellar water. I've been using this one from Vichy which I liked but I still prefer the one from Bioderma (review) because of the way it feels and the way it comes out of the slask. I pour it onto the cotton pad and wipe my face with it, this removes all the leftover makeup from the day before.
The second thing I do in the morning is applying a moisturizer. In the morning I use this one from Nivea, the soft hydrating cream (review). This is the most basic cream ever but I like to use this in the morning because I feel like it makes a nice base for my foundation.
After my moisturizer I use a lipbalm, this one comes with my night cream and it's the best lipbalm I have ever used. I am going to write a review about this that will be up at the end of the month.
Than something that doesn't have anything to do with skincare, I eat my breakfast which usually consists out of bread and milk, the typical Dutch breakfast. I usually eat two slices of bread, one with cheese and one with hagelslag (which is what you see on the photo).   
After I finished my breakfast, I go back up to do my makeup and brush my teeth. I'm not going to talk you through my whole makeup routine (that will be another post) but I thought I would put this in because it's part of the products that I put on my face. The foundation I'm currently using is the L'Oréal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Fresh Feel Foundation (review).

And that was it for my morning skincare, as I said, I don't use that many products in the morning. I don't have any problems with skipping all of this (including my makeup) when I oversleep and I don't think anybody would be scared of going out barefaced. Be proud of the way you look and who you are!

Ordinary Dutch Girl

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  1. I exidently removed a comment, sorry Judith

    I also own the same micellar water and I just bought the garnier version for sensitive skin which as almost the exact ingredients (minus the fragrance). Not surprising since vichy and garnier are both own by l'Oreal!