Essence Long Lasting Lipstick: 13 Love Me

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Essence has added some new lipsticks to their assortiment and I couldn't be more excited! In December I bought my first Essence lipstick and that one is amazing (review). I wear that one quite a lot but I think it's too dark for the spring time, therefore I felt justified to buy a new, more springy one.
This time I bought nr. 13 which is called 'Love Me' and it's one of the two new shades that have come out for spring/summer 2014. Essence has two lines of lipsticks, this one with the black packaging that's called 'Longlasting' and another line with very tacky looking packaging. This line (black packaging) is amazing and really pretty but don't go for the other ones because they're usually one chunk of glittery madness (not in a good way).
Like I've said, this is a new shade. The other new shade is '12 Blush My Lips' which looks really promising online but I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet. Everytime I go to the store it's sold out but I think I will definately buy it when they finally have it.
I really like the fact that drugstore brands are now putting their logo/brand name in the lipstick just like the more expensive brands do. This gives the products so much more of a luxurious feel!
'Love Me' is a gorgeous soft pink 'my lips but better' shade. Those browny-nudes that everybody always raves about don't look good on me, I need shades more like this one. Pinky-nudes are more my cup of tea and therefore this is just perfect for me.
I am absolutely in love with my new lipstick. The colour is just perfect for everyday and it looks good with everything. It's a true drugstore gem.  The only downside is the time it lasts, which isn't very long, after a hour or two you'll have to reapply it but I don't mind when the colour is such a natural one, it's really easy to touch it up during the day.
You can buy the Essence Longlasting lipsticks for €2,39.

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