Essence All About Nude Eyeshadow

Hello my loves,

The new products of Essence and Catrice are in the shops! I have been eyeing them for a while and I finally caved and bought some. More reviews are coming and today is the first one! I bought one of the new eyeshadow palettes from Essence, there are four new palettes and I bought the All About Nude version.
There is palette is from the new line of palettes that are all named 'All About ...'. I went for the Nude version because I would wear this one the most out of the four. The other palettes are 'All About Candies', 'All About Sunrise' and 'All About Paradise'.
Essence says the following about this palette:
All about.... beautiful eyes; a fantastic looks is guaranteed with these four new eyeshadow palettes, each with six trendy shades. The soft texture of these eyeshadows contain shiny, matte and metallic effects. To create endless looks. 
The palette consists out of six colour all with a pinky/purple feel. One of the shades is matte (the middle one of the top row) and the rest has a metallic sheen over them. The packaging is clear with silver accents, something Essence almost always does, and I am not a fan of it. I think the packaging makes the products look cheap even though the quality of the products is usually quite good.
The swatches! A lot of Essence eyeshadows are quite pigmented but they also have some missed in their collection. These are not one of them, these eyeshadows are pigmented nicely. Not that pigmented but the colour are quite nice, the texture feels nice as well.
This is the very glittery look I made with the eyeshadows. I used the shades without purple in the palette and I am loving this taupy look. The mascara I used is the NYC High Definition Volumizing Mascara and I used a nude eyeliner in my waterline, Catrice Made To Stay Inside Eye Highlighter Pen. This look is very wearable but has just a little bit more oempf than your standard looks, really cute.

Ordinary Dutch Girl


  1. This palette is perfect for a very discreet look, I like the combination of the tones but I think they are a little too sheer and sparkling for me. I like the darkest tones the most.
    So you are from Holland, do you speak german too? :)

    ♥, Chloé

    1. I agree with you, I personally like less shimmery colours as well. Yes I am from Holland and I speak a little bit german (Guten Tag Cloé, vielen dank für deinen schöne Kommentar), not so good in the german grammar unfortunately!

  2. I actually just discovered Catrice lately and I'm impressed about the quality! I almost picked up this palette last time I was at Kruidvat, but I though the colors were too shimmery and not contrasted enough. I like how it looks on your eyes.