Clothes I got #1

Hello my lovely readers,

I did quite a lot of shopping lately and I thought it would be fun to share my recent purchases with you. The first four items are pretty random but then I have some items from Primark and some from H&M that I ordered online. I could have remembered the prices wrong but I hope you don't mind if I'm a couple euros off, I also linked them (green) if I could find the items online.
This is a basic piece that I've been eying for a while and I couldn't let is pass when it was on sale. It usually costs €39,95 but I found it for €15,-. That's a good deal right?
Green floral top from Topshop, price unknown
I got this from a Dutch thriftwebshite (similair to Ebay), I had seen this sketchy flower print in a jumpsuit last summer and I thought it was gorgeous, just too expensive. Not I found the top for a very good deal and I just love it. 
Bastille t-shirt, €25,00
The ones of you that have read my photo diary, know that I've been to their concert in Amsterdam (read my photo diary by clicking here) and while I was there, I bought this super cool top. It was quite expensive for a simple t-shirt but the quality feels amazing and I just love Bastille!
Vila denim top, €25,00
A while ago I had a grease-themed party and I wore this top there (combined with some high waisted black jeans. When I ordered it, I didn't think I would wear this in real-life as well but I thought it looked actually really cute and I think this will look very pretty during the spring time with some converse. Who cares if I could play in grease when I wear it :) 
Blue floral top from Primark, €7,00
These kind of tops are just perfect for the summer and I love the print on this. Blue is a color that really flatters me and I'm really into floral lately.
Blue cropped top with lace sleeves from Primark, €5,00
Another blue item and my first crop top! I've never been into the cropped top trend, I feel like it's a little bit skanky to show of your belly like that (especially if your belly isn't flat). My opinion about them has changes a little bit lately, I think you can get away with it as long as you wear high waisted pants. Therefore I thought I could give it a try.
Navy blouse with a bow neckline from Primark,  €12,00
My last blue item, I promise. This time not kobalt blue, this time it's navy. I love these kind of chiffon blouses (not real, it's still Primark) because they go with everything. They look quite fancy but if you pair them with some jeans (what I usually do) they looks super cute for school.
Neon pink sweater from Primark, €15,00
Then my last item from Primark. When I bought this it was still quite cold but now I cannot wear this anymore (it's 20 degrees out there!). I cannot wait until the next winter when I can finally wear this again.  
Parlez-vous français? top from H&M, €9,95
My French isn't good but even I can understand this (can you speak French?). I'm  against wearing tops without knowing what the text your wearing means or wearing a band shirt and not being able to name one song or band member of that band and therefore this top is perfect for me. I can understand what it says and I like the eiffel tower, win-win!
Pink top, €9,95
PINKPINKPINK, I love me some pink.
Black off Shoulder-dress from H&M, €14,95
This is the dress I bought to wear to my graduation. Here in the Netherlands we don't get those big toga's or hats but that doesn't mean I won't dress up for the occasion. This classic off shoulder-dress makes me look older than I actually am (which is good since I look quite young) and paired with some heels it will be a gorgeous look I think.
Jeans from H&M, €29,95
I needed some new jeans so I bought some new ones, usually I go for darker ones but with spring coming up I thought I should go for some lighter ones. That's exactly what I did.
Sport top from H&M, €14,95 + Sport leggings from H&M, €19,95
I also needed some new sports attire, I have holes in my jogging pants and for some reason I always loose my sport tops. The top I got is sheerer than I expected but but a neon sports bra underneath (I have a pink one) it will look very cute. The pants I got are just plain black three quarter length legging, working out is the only time people should be allowed to wear leggings in my opinion, otherwise you have to be really skinny and be able to pull them off, which is quite hard for most people.

And were done! I don't buy that many clothes because I don't get clothing money and I have to pay for everything myself. Quite hard when your still in highschool and just have a little side job in saturday but you don't hear me moaning. I very happy that I'm able to buy clothes in the first time and it's not that I never get clothes from my parents.
I hope you enjoyed reading and scrolling through this post and please leave a comment in the comment section telling me what your most recent purchase was, I would love to hear it!


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