Chanel Les 4 Ombres 2014 eyes collection

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If I had to name 1 high end brand that I absolutely love and crave it has to be Chanel. I saw this blogpost on a Dutch beauty site and I would not want you to miss these gorgeous products that are coming out this March. I do not claim the text in this blog as my own, it is all written by Debby Zwiers from Beautyscene. I just want to show you these eyeshadows because I absolutely adore them and I want them so bad!
Chanel Les 4 ombres has a new formula, one thing that allows you to be creative with these striking colours. There will be eight new color combinations that are inspired by 'the' fabric of Chanel, the tweed.  The four shades of Les 4 Ombres each have the color of a thread in this chic textile. They pair beautifully and always give an elegant result.
The new texture of the eye shadows is softer, longer lasting, easy to apply and they blend easily. The pigmentation is improved and each case is a combination of different textures.
Les 4 Ombres Tissé €50,00
202 Camelia
204 Vendôme
208 Gabrielle
214 Mademoiselle
224 Riviera
226 Rivoli
228 Cambon
232 Vénitien
The new eyeshadow quads come with eye pencils and mascaras and are sold from the beginning of March 2014 at Chanel selling points. They will be part of the permanent assortment.
I just love the new eyeshadow quads and the photos are gorgeous, just wanted to share this with you and maybe, just maybe, I will buy a quad (if my wallet will allow it). You can read the original blogpost here:

Ordinary Dutch Girl

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