Catrice Limited Edition Crème Fresh Gradation Blush Waterloo Sunrise

Hello my loves,

Catrice has brought out a new limited edition collection and I absolutely love it. It's called 'Crème Fresh', quite a weird name I think since I use crème fresh while cooking. This collection is all about pastels and the sixties. Sorbet shades and feminine retro silhouettes, shift dresses, A-line skirts, cat-eye sunglasses and back combed up-do's like Audrey Hepburn. Mint green, apricot and pink for a delicate and sensual image. That the thing this collection is about.
I love this collection but I was a little bit afraid to try the products from Catrice. Their nail polishes have let me down lately and most of their eyeshadows don't have the best pigmentation. Their blushes however, are great! That 's why I went for the in my opinion most special product is the collection; The Gradation Blush (spelled it wrong in the first photo, sorry).
I already own a ombré blush from Catrice and I wear that one a lot, hopefully this one will be a success as well. This blush comes in a round packaging with a clear lid. The lid has some of those typical sixties squares on it, I don't really like it but it does fit the theme of the collection.
This blush is called 'Waterloo Sunrise', a name I don't really understand. 'Watermelon sunrise' would have been a better name I think. Waterloo can have so many meanings, it could be the battle of Waterloo (the Belgium place) that took place in 1815 and in which Napoleon was defeated finally. Because of this battle anyone's final defeat can be idiomatically called their "Waterloo". It could also refer to the ABBA-song; 'Waterloo', they won the Eurovision songfestival with this or to one of the many other places in the world that are called Waterloo.
The swatches, one word, gorgeous! Because it has a colour gradient, it has multiple shades of raspberry pink and therefore multiple swatches. The blush is very pigmented and texture is surprisingly soft, I didn't expect that at all.
Owkee, you will have to look passed the difference in lightning, the sun in Holland is doing weird things (it's currently 18 degrees here which is insanely warm for this time a year). The blush gives you a fresh radiant glow and gives my face a gorgeous rosy flush. Like I have been out on a bike ride in the freezing cold (the secret to the Dutch beauty :)), except we don't have freezing cold weather to make our cheeks pink at the moment.
Catrice has done good job, just like last time, this is a great product that looks gorgeous and I think this will become one of my spring staples. I'm truly glad that I was able to get my hands on this. This blush costs €3,99 and it's worth every penny, if you want it as well you'll have to be quick because it won't be in stores for long. You can buy it until the beginning of April.

Ordinary Dutch Girl


  1. Hi, I like your blog! Anyway, I believe the name Waterloo sunrise is referencing the famous song "Waterloo sunset" by The Kinks. I love the song and when I saw the name of this pretty blush it just clicked in my head and I thought that it might be referencing the song. That's what I think anyways.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much and how stupid of me that I did not even think of that song!