Catrice Kohl Kajal 170 Blues Willis

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We're near to the end of the first week on my renewed blog and I hope you all like the new design and name. I wanted to update you on a few things that are going on in my life at the moment, next week is full of tests for me and then I'm done with my lessons (sort of). In May I have my finals and after that I'm free for three months (going on a holiday twice!). During those months I'll be blogging more than I do now, my current schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Saturday but from then I'll try to upload every other day (just like I used to do). This means more reviews, content and just fun stuff on my blog starting at the end of may!

Now let's move on to the review, a review of an eyepencil by Catrice. I don't own a lot of eyepencils (only a few in basic shades) and I thought it was time to give my collection a little colorful boost. Catrice has launched two new shades of their Kohl Kajal pencils, a blue one and a green one. I went for the blue one and I really hope this is just as good as the black one I already own.
Like I said, I already own the black version, called '010 Ultra Black', which is a really nice one. I never wrote a review about it (don't really know why) but you can believe me on my word, it's GOOD! Catrice came out with two new shades when they renewed their assortiment last Febuary; '170 Blues Willis' and '180 Too Cool For Pool' of which I bought the first one.
These pencils from Catrice have a really sleek and simple design which I like a lot. Not the twist-up pencils that have been a hype lately, no just the old skool pencil that you have to sharpen. I prefer these kind of pencils because they have sharper points, twist-up pencils are never really sharp but these are (DUH you sharpen them).
I already knew that these pencils were pigmented but this might come as a surprise to you. The pencils are really creamy but they don't move once they're set on your lids. The colour is really vibrant and bright and this gorgeous blue is just a true stunner for the spring time (and summer as well).
The look I made with this pencil is really natural but has that pop of colour due to the blue liner, I really think it brings your eye look to another dimension. I only applied it to my lower lash line to keep this appropriate for everyday I and just love the effect this gives. My eyes are greenish/grey so this blue doesn't make them pop as it would do with brown eyes but it does give me a very awake and open look.
I used the following products to create this look. If they're green, you can click on them to go to the reviews.

I'm very pleased with my new and bright addition to my collection and I think I'll be using this a lot during the spring time, the look I created with this has been stuck to my eyes for almost a week now (not literally, you know what I mean) and I really want to buy some more shades of this. The purple and grey ones look absolutely gorgeous to me.
These pencils cost €1.99 and they are definitely worth that, I would pay even more for quality like this.


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  1. I have this shade, but 180 too. I love this creamy consistency. Colour are stunning and perfect for a summer time!