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You cannot have missed it, the winter olympic are happening right now. Another thing you cannot have missed is the Dutch success in speedskating. I, as a proud Dutch girl, cannot let this moment pass without a mention on my blog. Certainly not when I missed a post while celebrating the success last Saturday. The photos I use in this post are from facebook, a Dutch news website (www.nu.nl) and http://www.olympic.org/. I will put the translations of the Dutch text in the pictures underneath the photo in parentheses. Just keep in mind that 'Nederlanders' means Dutch people.
It all started with these three Dutch skaters; Sven Kramer, Jan Blokhuijsen en Jorrit Bergsma. This was the first clean sweep of the medals, they did it on the 5000m and this was the start of the rain of gold medals. The first on of many to come.  
Than the next day, sunday. Not all three medals for Holland but the gold medal was ours. After Sven Kramer, Ireen Wüst is the most famous iceskater in the Netherlands and here she proves why. A gold medal on the 3000m, amazing . The Czech Sablikova came in second and the Russian Graf was third.   
The background even forms the Dutch flag (sort of)
On Monday we had another orange stage, this time on the 500m. We had never won a gold medal on this distance and now we have all three of them! The number one, Michel Mulder and the number three, Ronald Mulder are twins and Jan Smeekens (he is very handsome and my favourite) came in second. His story is kind of sad because the time he was told he had to skate to win gold was changed during his race. When Jan was skating, Michel's time got corrected and Jan did not know this, obviously because he was too busy skating. He finishes, saw a 1 behind his name and thought he was the olympic champion. 10 seconds later, the outcome changes and Michel is the champion. I did not like this since I am a fan of Jan Smeekens but still, all three medals for the second time during one olympics, that is insane! 
Than we have our Margot Boer who won a bronze medal on Tuesday. This is a very special medal for Holland because it is the first one ever (for us) on this distance for females. If you had seen her reaction, you would have thought she had gold but that went to the Korean Sang Hwa LEE and the silver was for the Russian Olga Fatkulina.
Than a little joke in between all these medals. Our king and queen, Willem and Maxima are fanatic supporters but Willem fell asleep during the mop break (he drank some beer with Poetin the night before ;)) and someone made this out of the scenario, this person deserves a gold medal!  
On Wednesday there was another almost clean sweep. Stefan Groothuis won the gold medal on the 1000 meter and he deserved it. He went through a deep depression in 2011 and he almost committed suicide (he did not try to, let me be clear) but he crawled out of that deep valley, trained again and won gold on the Olympics! The bronze went to Michel Mulder and the Canadian, Denny Morrison got the silver medal. This led to the following picture:
It just does not make sense!
(Silver and bronze 1000m ladies)
Than it was Thursday and Ireen Wüst had to skate again, she could not beat the Chinese Hong Zhang, also known as 'snelle Zhang' (fast Zhang). Margot Boer came in third and we have another Dutch sandwich! The other Dutch Skaters, Lotte van Beek and Marrit Leentra, came in fifth and sixth.   
(For the first time ever, Bronze for Sjinkie Knegt)
Than we make a little trip to shorttrack, we won a bronze medal on this discipline. The Russians came in first and second but Sjinkie won the first ever shorttrack medal for the Netherlands and that deserves an applause.
(Unbelievable, Silver for Koen Verweij)
On Friday no medals were won for the Dutchies but only because we did not do anything that day. Saturday we had yet another medal, a silver one this time. Koen Verweij was the lucky bastard who got it. Well lucky? He was not happy that is one thing I know for sure, he could not smile when he got his medal and he says that he hopes be proud of silver in the future but at the moment, he is not. The gold was won by a Polish guy I had never heard of (Zbigniew BRODKA) and he was only 0,003 seconds faster so basically similar results. I am beginning to think that the thousands should not be counted in skating (just like skiing, than there would have been two gold medals). Denny Morrison, you know that Canadian, got the bronze medal. Mark Tuitert (the Dutch olympic champion from Vancouver got in fifth and the other Dutchies, Stefan Groothuis and Jan Blokhuijsen, were eleventh and twelfth. 
(Another Dutch Trio in Sochi)
Than the most recent Dutch victory, yet another sweep of the medals by us. This 1500 meter was won by Jorien Ter Mors (in the middle), a shorttracker, with a new olympic record. She was sixth at the shorttrack 300  and sixth at the 1500 meter, so just outside the medals. Now she finally got a medal and it is a pretty gold one! Ireen Wüst got the silver one and Lotte van Beek swept the gold, the other Dutch skater Marrit Leenstra was fourth. Not a 1,2,3 this time but 4 as well, this is the first time ever in speed skating that one country takes all four top spots.
(Best games ever for the Netherlands)
The weirdest thing is that we are not finished yet and we already have 16 out of the 24 medals we could win with speed skating. We have a total of 17 medals now and this is a new Dutch record. We now also have the record for most medals in one discipline during the winter games. We have sixteen speed skate medals and that means Austria's record of 14 medals for Alpine Skiing (2006) is broken. No team been so dominant in speed skating since East Germany in the 1980s.
This does not mean this is all, oh no believe me. We still have the 10 000 m men and the 5000 m woman to go and of course the team pursuit.  The Norwegian skaters and the Russian Skobrev have already said they are  going to skipped the 10 km (probably  because they are afraid of Sven Kramer) and on of the norwegians, Bokko, says; "But we would not add a chapter to history if we would skate. We would be twenty or thirty seconds slower than the Dutch."
That was it for this blogpost but the games are not over yet. I am hoping for more medals and maybe, just maybe will win a snowboard or bobsleigh medal as well, we will see and I will do another blogpost about the games when they are finished. I am not in Sochi but here in Holland we party as well, I went out with my friends last Saturday (which is why I did not upload) and 'we zijn helemaal naar de klote gegaan!' The whole world knows how good a Dutch party can be and the videos below give you only the smallest idea!
 I hope you have enjoyed the Olympic games so far, I know I have but we are not finished yet!
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