January Favourites

Hello my loves,

The first favourite post of 2014 has arrived and I have to disappoint you a little bit with this first one. I did not have a lot new favourites but I still wanted to do this post.
My first favourite of January is a pencil. This highlighter pen by Catrice has been  huge eyeopener (do you get my fabulous joke). Since I discovered what a nude liner on my waterline does, I cannot live without it. I have never tried another one of these but this one is amazing, it is cheap, pigmented and longlasting. A great budget product! (Review)
This is my second favourite, the Bourjois Color Edition 24H Cream To Powder Texture Eyeshadow. I have the shade '03 Pétale de Glace' and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is a beautiful shadow with a pinkish scheme that complements my next favourite beautifully. (review)
I do not know if you can see it on the photo but I hit pan on the first three shades (a while ago). The second shade is a very pretty champagny-pink shade and it looks gorgeous over the Bourjois eyeshadow. I have been wearing that combination a lot. The third shade in this palette in my crease and the first shade as a highlight. It works perfectly! (Review)
Than we have arrived to my last favourite (alread? I know I do not have that many this month). I have been wearing the crap out of these two nail polishes. They were part of an old (autumn) limited collection from Catrice and I found them in the sales bin for €1,50! 'Occult' is a gorgeous dark purple shade that looks a lot darker than it does in the bottle, this does not makes it less pretty though. This shade is perfect for the winter time. The other polish is 'Daredevil', a fancy red shade. I cannot believe that I did not own a red nail polish like this but I did not (and believe me, I have a lot of nail polish).

That was it for this month already. I know it is not much but I hope you still enjoyed it. I linked all the reviews I did on these products in the post and I would check them out if I were you shameless self promoting.

Ordinary Dutch Girl

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