Fa Sensual & Oil; Argan, Marula & Almond Oil

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It is wintertime and that means it is time for some warmer shower products. With warmer I do not mean hotter, no I mean warmer wintery scents. I use a lot of fruity shower products all year long but with the cold weather (let's face it, it is still 10 degrees in Holland, so I cannot really call it cold here) I wanted warmer shower products. The ones I went for are from Fa, the sensual & oil shower gels.
These two showergels are PH-neutral and are made out of a mix of three oils; argan, marula and almond oil.

  • Almond oil contains essential fatty acids an cares for your skin.
  • Argan oil is a rich Vitamin E, protects skin own moisture and enforces regeneration processes. 
  • Marula oil moisturizes your skin and makes it soft and supple.  
Fa promises that this shower gel gives you an intense care and an incredibly soft skin, Somthing I can use pretty well during this time a year.
There are two different versions of this shower gel, one with  Monoi Blossom and one with Vanilla Blossom. In Holland you can only buy the shower gels in this line but on the international website, Fa says that there is also a bar soap, liquid soap, cream bath and body lotion. These come only in the Monoi Blossom version.

I could not find anywhere on the internet what Monoi Blossom exactly is but the picture on the packaging looks a lot like a hibiscus. The other version of this shower gel has vanilla  blossom in it. I am not a big fan of vanilla but it does not make my dizzy in this shower gel. Sometimes when I use a product that has a strong vanilla scent, it makes my head ache but this shower gel does not do that. The one with Monoi Blossom is my favourite though, it smells really flowery and a bit sweet but still warm and wintery. Perfect!

The scent of these does not linger but that is a good thing in my opinion. I like the scent of my body butter or body lotion to last and I usually do not have matching products. Therefore these shower gels are perfect for me, especially on those cold winter nights when you take a nice hot shower and dive into your bed when you are finished.

The shower gels cost €3,04 and you can buy them at several drugstores.
Ordinary Dutch Girl

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