Essenced 3D Eyeshadow: 09 Irresistible Chocolates

Hello my loves,

Today a review of something that is not going out the stores anytime soon. This is a review of a the Essence 3D Eyeshadow, these have been in stores for a while now but I never bought one of them. That is a shame because I heard a lot of good things about these shadows and I decided to finally buy one.
I went for the natural one, '09 Irresistible Chocolates'. Two brown shades that would be perfect for an natural everyday eye look. This is also the main reason of why I bought this particular pair of shadows.
These shadows are called 'The 3D Shadows' and that is not so weird if you look at them. The eyeshadow has a wave pattern and the waves are 3D, the wave is higher than the darker brown colour and this gives a cool effect. I do not like the rest of the packaging however. The grey pan and the clear lid look kind of cheap. That is the downside from cheaper brands like Essence, some of the products have cheaplooking packaging.
This is what the swatches look like. Well pigmented eyeshadows with a sh*t load of shimmer, very pretty. These shadows blend really well and they do not disappear on your lids, they look the same on your eyes as they do on my wrist.
I am very happy with my new eye shadow and I will definitely pick some more up. Essence is bringing out some new shades very soon and I saw a coppery version, I cannot wait.

Ordinary Dutch Girl

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