Essence Lipliner in 08 Red Blush

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Red lips, the most sexy variation of lips. The red lips of Marilyn Monroe, the Red RiRi Woo lipstick by MAC and the Iconic red lipsticks of  Dior. I understand the love for red lipstick that a lot of people have but I do not share that love with them. Pinks are more my thing and I never like the way red lips look on me. That does not mean I do not love the way it looks on some people. I wanted to try a red lipstick again and I came to the conclusion that I did not know own a red lipliner, I went to the story and got the cheapest one I could find.
The cheapest lipliner in the store was this one from Essence. There are more shades but since I was on the hunt for a red one I went with '08 Red Blush'. I own two other shades and I use those quite often, maybe this will become a staple in my collection as well.
I am sorry for the blurry swatch photo but the colour comes across quite good. The pencil has a beautiful rich red colour and even though it is a little bit harsh when you apply it for the first one but when the point is flattened, the pencil feels very creamy and soft on the lips.
Applying lipstick is one of the things I find very hard to do, especially applying a pigmented lipliner. I never get it quite right and I am never content with the result. Not on this photo not ever. The red shade is darker than I was expecting but I still love the look of it, it looks more bloody than I was expecting.

I still did not like the way  red lips look on my but it is growing on me, I do not think I will wear this a lot but maybe some time soon when I have a party or something. This lipliner cost me €0,99 and I think the quality is really good, just a nice lipliner.

Ordinary Dutch Girl

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