Essence Hardening Nail Base and Quick Drying Topcoat

Hello my loves,

Last Sunday, when I was painting my nails, I discovered that I had lost my basecoat and that my topcoat was dried-out. It was Sunday so I could not go to the stores for new ones because they were closed and I had wait until the next day. I bought new ones and they are both from Essence.
I bought the 'Studio Nails Hardening Nail Base' and the 'Quick Dry Topcoat', they are both from Essence but I already told you that. I bought this particular base coat because I have had an issue with breaking nails lately. Probably because of the weather in Holland lately and because I have not been feeling that great lately. The reason that I bought a quick drying topcoat is pretty simple, I wanted a fast drying topcoat.
There is not much to see about this nail base. It dries clear and gives your nails just a little bit of shine, nothing really special. I cannot review the quality of this nail polish just yet because I have not worn it long enough but I am pretty pleased so far. I removed my green nail polish today and my nails were not stained at all. 
On these nails I am wearing the basecoat, a Bourjois nail polish and the topcoat. This topcoat is very liquid, sometimes nail polishes can be a little bit thick. It makes my nails very shiny and I feel like it protects the nail polish as well. I have been wearing it for two days now and it has not chipped (only at my index finger but that is because I have worked).

I am quite happy with these new polished, especially because they were not expensive at all. I did not ask for a receipt so I do not know the exact prices but they cost around the €3,00.

Ordinary Dutch Girl

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