Empty: January + Febuary

Hello my loves,

It is the end of February and that means it is time for another posts full with empty products. Not that many but still a reasonable number of empty stuff.
These are the shower products I finished. The two products on the left are a shampoo and conditioner I finished, I have been using them with a lot of joy but I have decided to purchase the intense repair version. I also finished this 'Destressing Shower Mousse' from HEMA and I have really liked using this as well. The last shower product I finished during the past two months is the 'Papaya Shower Gel' from The Body Shop. The bottle looks a little bit cray cray, that is because I tried to get the last bit of soap out for these photos with some hot water. The water was too hot and transformed the bottle in this weird looking thingy madingy. These two showergels I will not repurchase because I grew a little bit tired of the scents.
This is the skincare I finished and I believe four is a record. The Roc 'Multi-Action Make-Up Remover Milk' is something I use every night to get my eye makeup off and already bought a new one. Than I finished the Bioderma Micellar water, this I use after I have removed all my makeup to get rid of any access makeup. I really want to repurchase this but I cannot because it is not sold here in the Netherlands. Therefore I am currently using a micellar water from Vichy but I still like the Bioderma one better, I do not know why but I do. I also finished the 'Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser' from Formula 10.0.6., I did not hate this but it also is not a favourite of mine and therefore I will not repurchase it when I know there must be something better on the market. As almost always in my empty posts, I finished a Vichy 'Aqualia Thermal' this time the rich version in a tube. I repurchased this in a jar because that is cheaper relative to the tube. In the wintertime I always switch to the rich version because my skin needs more hydration during this time a year.
Then the last four things I finished. Firstly my 'Lemony Flutter', it is not completely finished but the oil started separating from the butter and it just does not smell right anymore. I have to keep the packaging because when you when you hand in 5 empty packages from Lush, you get a free face mask. I also finished the Longwear Top Coat from HEMA but this I did not like at all, it did not do anything for my nails. The third product in this photo is a body butter from The Body Shop, the Ginger Sparkle one. I absolutely loved this but I cannot repurchase it right now, I have to wait until the holidays next year until I can buy it again. The packaging I am saving for traveling because I can put some body butter in it and take this small jar with me when I am traveling.The last product I finished is my beloved Glamour Doll Mascara from Catrice. I am not going to say much about this but it is amazing!
That was is for this blogpost. Not that many empty products but still quite a few. I hope you liked reading this post and come back in two months for another post with empty products. Than with the products I finished during March and April!

Ordinary Dutch Girl

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