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Hello my loves,

After a few interesting hours I finally have a new blog post for you. I have a problem with uploading photos, but I think I have found a way around it. Therefore I am now able to upload this review. Enjoy!
The generous laughing Chinese monk became a symbol of happiness in Buddhism over 1000 years ago. The big bellied man showered the world with good fortune, energy and health which magically appeared from his bag.
In this giftset you will find four items:

  • Happy Buddha, Foaming Shower Gel Sensation
  • Fortune Oil, Caring Shower Oil
  • Touch Of Happiness Rich, Nourishing Body Cream
  • Good Luck Scrub, Sugar Body Scrub 
I expected that all these products would have the same scent but there are two scents in this set. The shower foam smells like organic mandarin and yuzu while the other three products are smelling like sweet orange and cedar wood.
The first product in the set is the 'foaming shower gel sensation' in 'Happy Buddha'. I have reviewed this one once before (the big version), you can read that review by clicking here. This is one of those shower products that foam like crazy. I am really pleased that I have another one of these because it is one of my favourite products to use in the shower
The second product is the 'caring shower oil' in 'Fortune Oil'. I have never tried one of these oils before, I never even used an oil in the shower I think. But one time has to be the first time. I used this shower oil and I was blown away, when you use this, it turns into a moisturizing foam. The scent keeps lingering on your skin for a long time and you do not need a separate body cream afterwards.
The third product is a body cream. It promises to be rich and nourishing and believe me it is true! The body cream is very thick and rich but sinks into the skin really quick, it does not leave a greasy layer at all. It also nourishes my skin really well, I have quite dry skin during this time a year and this is the perfect amount of moisture.

The last product is a sugar scrub that I have not tried yet. I am a big user of scrubs and I really miss them when I am on holiday because I am never able to take them with me because of their size. Therefore I will save this 'Good Luck Scrub' for my holiday (I am probably going several times this year, lucky me) and I well let my thoughts of it know in the empties post that this product will be featured in.
I think this is an amazing gift for almost every person. The products of this set are perfect for travelling but also great to treat yourself with. I think I will use every single product in this set until the last drop. Since this was a gift, I do not know the price but Rituals is not the most expensive brand on the market. It is not super cheap but it is not very expensive either. A great gift.

Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl

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  1. Pretty photos! My birthday is coming really soon and this would be a perfect gift!