NYC High Definition Volume Volumizing Mascara

Hello my loves,

Today I have a mascara review for you guys. This mascara is designed to give you ten times more volume thanks to the 'Volume Mania Technology' which makes your lashes ten times as thick. The exclusive multifunctional synthetic brush separates your lashes and gives them volume.
This mascara has two different sides. The side with the short bristles gives you impressive volume and the side with the longer ones separates your lashes and gives them definition. NYC promises more lash visibility, up to 70%.
This mascara comes in a  bright orange tube with bold black letters and a plastic brush. You can buy this brush in two shades; 'Extreme Black' and 'Carbon'. My brother bought this mascara for me and  he got the 'carbon' version, typical for a boy. They do not know that we want the blackest mascara possible.
You cannot see it on the picture above but on the one above that you can see the longer row of bristles. When I first used this I saw that using this longer row does something different to your lashes than the shorter rows do. I have not figured out what the difference is yet but one of the rows gives your lashes volume and the other one give you length.
The mascara gives my lashes quite some volume as you can see on the photos. It makes them black and it makes them longer. It also makes my stubborn lash stand up straight along with my other lashes. This separates my lashes but it does not hold the whole day. At the end of the day your basically left with black lashes that are volumeless and clumped together. I also noticed little mascara flakes falling of my lashes. It is a nice mascara but  not very longlasting.
This orange little tube is not the best mascara ever but certainly not the worst one. It is only €4,99 and I think that is a good price for a moderate mascara. In Holland NYC is sold at Kruidvat and at Trekpleister but I know for sure they sell this brand in the States and the UK as well. There are better mascaras on the market but if you can give it a try. Maybe it will work better on your lashes.

Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl

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