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I am writing this blogpost with the excitement running through my veins. If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you will probably now my weak spot for Catrice products. When I was browsing I came across a german blog. The lovely girl from this blog wrote a post about the new products that are coming out next spring. I can speak a little bit german but I know a lot of people will not, that is why I am doing a post about the new products as well. The pictures and information are all from but the opinions are mine. Do not pay any attention to the hearts, that are the product the girl from 'Kosmetikaddicted' wants.

Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadow
720 Papaya Don't Preach   730 Too Good To Be Blue   740 Nice Ice Baby
750 New In Brown   760 No.1 Candydate   770 Smoothie Operator

Wow Catrice is coming out with some bold statement eyeshadows this spring. They look very promising but I have to say that I am not a bog fan of these. The ones I own blend away and are almost invisible on the lid. Maybe I will give these a try but I want to swatch them first. These will cost €2,79. 

Absolute Eye Colour Quattro Colour Quartett
100 F'rosen Yoghurt   110 Pool Position   120 Pretty Little Lilacs.

Then we have another product I am not a big fan of, the quartets. Every one of these I have tried have been a disaster. Just like the mono's, they blend away and become practically invisible on  the lids. I have some limited editions from Austria that have the same  design but better quality. These I will give a swatch in the stores before I decide if I am going to buy them. These will cost €4,49.

Absolute Bright Eyeshadow Palette
010 Candy Warhol

Oehlala a new eyeshadow palette. Up till now I have bought every single one of these that they brought out and I am certainly planning on buying this one as well. I use the nude version on an almost daily basis and the eyeshadow are gorgeously pigmented. These colours will be less wearable but not less pretty. I am very excited and that name is amazing! This palette will cost €4,49.

Kohl Kajal
170 Blue Willis   180 Too Cool For Pool

Gorgeous colours. That is the only thing I can say about these. I have never tried them and I have no idea how the quality is. Lets hope for the best, lets hope for beautifully pigment, a creamy formula and longlasting qualities. These will cost €1,99.

Long Lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof
090 Petrol and The Wolf   100 Pearly Bird

These pencils I have tried, I own a brown and a purple one and I do like them. They are pigmented as hell but they are a little bit harsh. This problem however is solved by breathing on it (not very hygenic, I know, but it works). I am very much looking forward to '100 Pearly Bird', perhaps it is a great colour for the waterline. These will cost €2,29 a piece. 

Eyeliner Pen Waterproof
010 Black Waterproof

An old love, these eyeliner pens. I used to love these but the last couple of months I have been liking gel or liquid better. Not sure I will be picking these up therefore. You can buy these for €3,29.

Eyebrow Stylist
040 Don't Let Me Brow'n  

This products is not entirely new, it is just a new shade. I am very glad they are bringing out more shades because brows are very personal. Powder is personally my favourite because it looks more natural which is why I won't be buying this. This costs and will cost €2,49.

Eyebrow Lifter
010 Lift Me Up, Scotty! 

This is a definite yes for me. The flowers on the packaging are gorgeous but the product itself looks very promising as well. A eyebrow highlighter in pencil form, now I only have highlighters in powder form which are very shimmery. But this one will not be shimmery yet give a gorgeous highlight.

Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara
Black   Ultra Black

New mascara's, twice a year there are new mascara's launched but I usually do not buy them. I am still in love with my Glamour Doll one. Not trying this one I am afraid. For those of you that will try this mascara, the price is €4,49. 

Glamour Doll Curl & Volume Mascara

Ultra Black & Curl 

I have not written about my love for the glamour doll mascara or they are releasing a new glamour doll mascara. This one promises more curl and volume and I am definitely keen on trying this one. €3,99 for a mascara that is probably amazing, that is no money right.

Lash Couture Fake Lashes

Form an old love to a new love. Since christmas I have been in love with fake lashes. The limited edition that is in stores right now is still a secret wish but now that I now these will be coming out, I can  restrain myself. Those lashes on the right GORGEOUS those individuals on the left AMAZING. According to the German blog, these will cost € 3,99 but I do not know for sure that this price will be the one for both of the fake lashes. 

Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish
010 Rose-wood If She Could   020 Jen & Berry's   030 Strawberry's Secret   
040 Let's Red Loud   050 Meghan Fuchsia   060 Mission Pink Possible

Another very promising new product. These remind me a lot like the lip lacquers mainly because of their name. I certainly hope that this is the case. The colours look very interesting and the last two are definitely on my list so is Strawberry's Secret. The price of these beauty will be €4,99, almost half as cheap as the lip lacquers from Rimmel. 

Infinite Shine Lip Gloss
140 Berry Land   150 Pink Twice   160 Walk The Coraline

These look very promising but I have some experience with these glosses and that experience is not great. The one I own is called '070 Very Very Raspberry' and the quality is just rubbish. They only last for five minutes and they are pretty much sheer. If I can swatch them I will do that but I will not take a risk and just buy them, even though they are just €3,99.   

Ultimate Colour Lip Colour
300 Kiss Me If You Can   310 Red My Lips   320 Kiss Kiss Hibiscus   
330 The Lips Are On Fire   340 Berry Bradshaw 

NEW LIPSTICK! I am a big fan of these and I am so grateful that they are bringing new ones out. '320 Kiss Kiss Hibiscus' is an old one if I remember correctly. Still, I want them all! Sadly that will cost me €20 euros but I really do not mind, these amazing lipsticks are worth is. If you are a pretty good at mathematics you will already know that these are €3,99 a piece. 

Ultimate Shine Lip Colour  

260 Berry Delicious   270 What's AP-ricot?   280 Toffee To Go

I have never tried these shine lipsticks and I do  not think I will. 'Berry Delicious' look promising but these are very sheer a lot of the times. Swatches will tell me if that is the case with these as well but I will probably not buy them.   

Longlasting Lip Liners
130 Prince Cherry   140 Sweet Auberginia

Just like the sheer lipsticks, I have never tried the lip liners from Catrice. These two colours look very promising. The 'Sweet Auberginia' one will look great with '270 Matt-erial Girl', which is one of  my favourite lipsticks and 'Prince Cherry' will be stunning with 'Josephine's Joy', my newest lipstick. I hope the quality of these will be good and they cost € 1,99.

Prime And Fine Pore Refining And Anti-Shine Base
A drugstore primer, something I have not seen before. I am a big fan of the Prime And Fine products  (I love the powder of this line) and I really hope this one will work great. It is only €4,49 which is a great price for a primer I think. 

Prime And Fine Anti-Red Base

Another primer, this time one for the tomatoes under us. I am really doubting which one I should buy.  This one costs just as much as the other one, €4,49. 

Prime And Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof
I am currently using a different powder from Catrice but I think I will still buy this one. It looks like it will come with a mirror and that makes it great for traveling. If I can find a small kabuki brush off great quality those two will become a staple in my purse. The price of this will be €4,99.

Sun Glow Shimmering Bronzing powder
A shimmering bronzing powder, I have never seen one these that was actually usable. These  often are to shimmery and will make you like a living discoball. Lets hope this one will be a hit and not a miss. This will cost €4,99.

Multi Colour Blush 
080 Peach Frappucino

A blush, not very special I think. The colour does not appeal to me because it is too brown and not very suitable for my skin. I do think this will be a great blush for people with darker skin than me (I am pretty fair, just like most people from Holland). This costs €3,99.

Defining Blush
080 Sunrose Avenue

Another blush, this one looks a little bit more promising. This colours looks like the perfect autumn/winter blush  and I do not really understand why Catrice would launch it for the spring/summer. I have never tried one of these blushes before but I have heard some good things about it. These cost €3,49. 

Crushed Crystals

01 Royal REDding   02 PLUMdogMillionaire   03 Shooting Star   
04 Oyster and Champagne   05 Stardust   06 Call Me Princess

A new kind of nail polishes, I used to love the nail polishes from Catrice but since they redid the formula, I started hating them. These look a lot like the 'Liquid Sand' polishes from OPI and I really hope they are similar. The ones that appeal the most to me are '01 Royal REDding', '04 Oyster and Champagne' and '05 Stardust'. These will be €3,29 a piece.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer
46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore   47 Orange Bloom   48 Emerald Bay   
49 Keep Pool   50 Glitterazzi   51 I'm So Nude
52 Where Is My Ferrari   53 Inner Purple Of Trust   54 My APPricot   55 Get The Blues
56 Minter Wonderland   57 Carl Says Très Chic   58 Meet Me À Paris

And more shades of the nail polish I do not like. The colours are so gorgeous but the formula is just dreadful. I would really like to buy '46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore', '55 Get The Blues' and '57 Carl Says Très Chic' but I want to see swatches first before I buy them. They will cost €2,79. 
That was it for this post. It was quite long and I hope you will appreciate my work. I am really looking forward to the new product. I think I can promise you some reviews of these new products when they come out but I do not know which ones I want and which ones I can get a hold on.

Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl

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