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Hello my loves,

First and foremost, I hope you all had a lovely new year. I truly cannot believe it is 2014 already, time flies by. My previous post was on the 27th of December last year and the reason my new post comes took such a long time is very simple. I took a little break from everything to spend time with my family. But that break is now over and I hope you will enjoy my first blogpost of 2014!
The first post of the year! Today I am showing you what products I finished in november and december of the past year.  Instead of throwing them away, I saved the products in a box in my closet and today I am showing you which products they are.
First the shower products. I finished a shower cream by Fa which I bought last summer in France. This is one of the shower creams I am truly willing to repurchase but I think I will wait for the summer to do that. This shower cream smells like pomegranate and it has a body lotion effect, this basically means that it moisturizes your body and you will not need a body lotion afterwards. I am a fan of this one and you can read my review by clicking here.
Then I also finished them shampoo and conditioner I have been using, the Dove split ends rescue. I heard so many good things about these products and I decided to give them a try. After one try I was sold. These products really make your split ends disappear, temporarily of course but your split ends will be gone for a day or three. I only see cons when I look at these products. They work great, are pretty inexpensive and they last quite a long time. I wrote this review in the beginning of november and I only finished them around the end of december.
More products for in the showe! I also finished the 'Apple Delight bath & shower gel' during these past months. I do not think I have ever mentioned it on my blog but I have loved this little baby. Apple pie is not my favourite food, in fact I despise it, but the scent... OMG heaven. It is really sad that I cannot buy a full size of this shower gel right now but if Yves Rocher ever brings this limited edition back in the stores, I will be one of the first people to buy it.
Then we have my beloved 'Snow Fairy' by Lush. I was being really careful with this shower gel because I did not want to finish it before christmas.  This christmas I showered a few times with it and it is still one of my favourite shower gels up till now. The only thing that holding me back from buying it again is the price because it is quite expensive but I think I will purchase a new (big) one next year. I wrote a review of this shower gel in december 2012 and the pictures are gone but you can still read it by clicking here.
The final shower product is this salt scrub by Kruidvat. This scrub is the Hammam scrub and has argan oil in it. I never really used a scrub before this one but this made me love them. When I was at Kruidvat a few days ago I saw that they had more variations of this scrub and I cannot wait to pick a new one up. You can read my review here.
The last three products of this post. I finally finished the 'Sweet Lemon Body Butter' from The Body. I wrote this review about it in August but I bought it around June (just before I went on my holiday). That might seem like a long time but do not forget how massive these are (200ml). I very much enjoyed using this but I got tired of the scent really quickly. After a few months I started using this again and then the scent was fine.
Than the Neutral Face Cream. I switched to this because I wanted  to try something else than my beloved Vichy Aqualia Thermal. This cream was not bad at all but when I finished it, I went back to the Vichy one. I just find that that one works better with my skin. My review about can you read here.
We are almost done, I only have one product left and that is the 'Colour Infusion Longlasting Lipstain' by Catrice. This one is really old and I know that they have improved the formula of these but I really did not enjoy the old one. It made your lips dry and it did not last long at all. That is also the reason I have not bought a new one, maybe I will but I am not sure yet.

And that was it, I will be back with another empty post in two months. Then with the products I finished during January and February. I hope it will be a bit more then.

Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl

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