December Favourites

Hello  my loves,

I know it is a little bit late but better late than never, right? Today I am doing my december favourites. I have kind a lot of favourites to show you and I hope you will enjoy this.
Let's hop right in.
The Body Shop: Ginger Sparkle Body Butter
My first favourite of this post is a body butter I recently got and wrote a review about  only a week ago. This festive little guy was part of a set and OMG, I love this stuff. This 'Ginger Sparkle Body Butter' from The Body Shop smells like Christmas and even though it is not Christmas anymore, I still love to use this.  The body butters by The Body Shop make your skin supersoft and this one is not an exception. The only disadvantage is the size, I am very sad that I did not buy a bigger one.

Sleek: Storm Palette & Catrice: Hollywood's Golden Age Palette

Then we have two eyeshadow palettes. These have been my babies this past month and I love these with all my heart. On the left you see the 'Storm' palette from Sleek. The colour in this palette are very wearable yet appropriate for parties. The nude colours are shades I wear every day and the darker shimmery shades were perfect for the holidays that went past this last month. The palette on the right is a palette from Catrice, it is called the 'Hollywood's Golden Age', it is part from the current limited edition. This has been the palette I am wearing during Christmas and during new years eve. When you apply the colours with a damp brush, they really pop and give your eyes are gorgeous look.
Review (Sleek)   Review (Catrice)

Batiste: Dry Shampoo 'XXL Volume'
This is the product I have been using for my holiday hairdo's.  My hair does not have volume at all and this dry shampoo has been a lifesaver.  I used to use the Blush one of this (Review) and when that one got finished (my mother threw it away before I could include it in my empty post), I bought this one. This gives your hair more volume than the regular dry shampoos from Batiste. I still want the one for brown hair because this does leave a white cast on your hair. 

Dove: Go Fresh Burst 'Nectarine and White Ginger'
THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! I came across this body wash in a Dollarstore (yes we do have those in the Netherlands) and I did not know what I smelled. The scent of this is just so fresh and fruity that I love using this in the morning, even though it is winter. I think it is because it makes me think that summer is nearby. The other Go Fresh body washes from Dove are also amazing but this is my current favourite (along with the 'Blue Fig version & Orange Blossom', Review). 

Essie: 'Leading Lady'

This is and will be my all time favourite Christmas nail polish. 'Leading Lady' was part of a collection a while ago (I do not know which one) and I love it. It is a dark red polish with dark red shimmers in it, gorgeous and perfect for the holiday season.

NYC: City Mono Eye Shadows '914 Guess Who!'

This black eyeshadow is one of the eyeshadows in my collection that has survived many clean-outs. It is a pitch black shade and I use this a lot during this time a year because you can darken your eyes perfectly with it without making yourself look like a panda bear (not that there is anything wrong with pandas). It is not very pigmented but it is just right. 

L'Oréal: Nude Magique Eau De Teint  

I never really wear a lot of foundation because I have pretty good skin but with all these festivities during the past month I tend to wear a lot more makeup. This foundation gives your skin medium coverage without making you look like a pancake (the America one), it just look very natural. I am wearing the lightest shade and during this time a year it is a little bit too dark, but there is nothing wrong with some bronzer if you know what I mean)

Guess:  Seductive I'm Yours 
This is one of my perfumes I never really wear until december. I think this is the perfect scent for all the Christmas parties (not that I had that many) but I have been wearing it almost everyday this past month. 'Seductive I'm Yours' is a very warm and sexy scent which makes it perfect for this time a year. 

Chanel: Rouge Allure Velvet '37 L'exubèrante' & Catrice: Roaring Lip Colour 'C03 Josephine's Joy'

I have been wearing a lot of lipsticks and these two are the ones I wore the most, without a doubt. The Chanel one on the left just goes with everything and it stays on like nothing else. The one from Catrice also lasts a long time but less long than the Chanel one. I wore Josephine's Joy' when I felt the need of spicing up my outfit. Two amazing lipsticks that I will be wearing a lot during 2014.

And that was it for my December Favourites. A little bit later than I usually write these but I think you can all understand that with new years eve and such stuff. I also wanted to take a moment and let you know that I will be taking a little break from blogging, I am not going stop do not worry but I am taking it slower. I am super busy with school but I will do a separate post on this soon. 

Love, Ordinary Dutch Gir+ 

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