Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick: 110 Pink Me Up!

Hello my loves,

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you know I love the Catrice 'Ultimate Colour Lipsticks'. They have a gorgeous colour selection and the quality is great. I have a few now (you can read reviews of the  other colours here and here) and I use them a lot. You can understand that I could not help myself when they were 50% off. That was because some of the shades are being discontinued. One of the shades that will not be available after February anymore is '110 Pink Me Up!'.
Like I said, this lipstick will not be available in february anymore and this means you can buy it for half the price at the moment, that is €1,99!
The bullet is black, just like the other lipsticks of this line and it also has the brand name pressed in the lipstick. I like this kind of packaging, it simple, classic and sophisticated.
 This shade is bright reddish pink, just like the name is suggesting. It is really creamy, moisturizing and incredibly pigmented. Just the colour and kind of lipstick I like.
This review was not as in depth as I usually do but I have already written two reviews of this range of lipsticks. I feel like I am repeating myself. Still I wanted to share this with you and show you how pretty this lipstick is. Maybe I have persuaded you to run to the store and pick this up while it is still available.
The Ultimate Colour Lipsticks are usually €3,99 but now you can get this shade (and '080 My Red Card', '230 Glamourize Me', '260 It's A Matt World' and '280 Star Rust') right now for €1,99.

Ordinary Dutch Girl

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