Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick: '08 Rose Studio'

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Another lipstick review for you, on tuesday I had a review of a Catrice lipstick for you that is going out of the stores (click here to read it) and today I have one of a lipstick that will not go anywhere. This Bourjois lipstick is part of the 'Rouge Edition' and it is one of the eighteen shades that are available in the Netherlands. The shade I bought is '08 Rose Studio'.
Source: The formula of this lipstick is enriched with orchid-extract and Bourjois promises a unique comfort with a ten hour long hydration. The eighteen shades are coming straight off the catwalks and are divided into three categories.

  1. 'Preppy': In this category you will find chic, nude and natural shades that blend in with your lips.
  2. 'Color-block': Reds and nothing else.  Bright colours for flashy lips.
  3. 'Night-out': Intense and elegant shades for glamourous lips. For a smile that is on trend. 
I cannot find which lipsticks belong to which categories.I think the one I bought, 'Rose Studio', belongs to either 'preppy' or 'night-out'  but if I am totally honest, I have no idea. 
 The lipstick comes in a black bullet with clear bottom. On this bottom you will find the number of the shade, 08 in this case, and this is very convenient when you have several shades from the 'Rouge Edition'. The lid is black as well, on one side the name of the collection is printed in red and pink, on the other side the name of the brand, Bourjois is pressed in the lid and on the other side you see the name of the shade.
My apologies for the bad lighting in the swatch and the colour you see in the photo is a little bit different than it looks like in real life, it is way more purple than it looks like on the photo. I would describe this shade as a blue-toned pink that looks a little bit pale and tends to leans towards to purple. It is very pigmented., I made this swatch in just one swipe.  
This is what the lipsticks looks like on my lips, yet again not similar to the way it looks like in real life. It is way more purple than it looks like on the photos. I think this lipstick looks gorgeous on the lips and it complements my skin tone really well. It moisturizes my lips very well but it does not stay on all day long for this reason as well. Moisturizing lipsticks tend to wear off quicker than for instance, matte ones. Do not be scared away by this because it will survive a lunch. Not a fat Greek dinner, but than again, I have never tried a lipstick that stays on during that. 
I am impressed, this lipstick is great and the colour is beautiful. Now I really want to try the other shades as well, the problem is that there are way too many shades to choose from. 
You can buy the Rouge Edition lipsticks for €11,99 (I bought it at Etos). 

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