What I got for Sinterklaas

Hello my loves,

Last week I wrote a blogpost about Sinterklaas (read it here), a Dutch tradition and I was very surprised by the amount of views it got in a relative short time. You seemed to love reading about it and therefore I thought it would be fun to show you the presents that I got on the fifth of december, Pakjesavond.
For those of you who thought I got an iPhone, I have to disappoint you. That phone is made out of marzipan, my favourite Sinterklaas candy. I will make posts about a lot of stuff you see in these pictures which makes this little post sort of a sneakpeak. The food will not get a blogpost but I will quickly explain what sort of food you see on the pictures.
On the first and second picture you see a giant chocolate C. My name does not start with a C (This one is from my Grandmother but she is not allowed to eat it due to her high sugar level) but it won't taste less good. Usually you will get a letter with your initials (I got those as well but they are not on the pictures)
The giant coins you see are also chocolate, you take the gold wrapper of and your left with delicious chocolate coins.
The two green frogs you see are chocolate as well, just with something in it. The name of that stuff I do not know but it is white and when I took these to school with me, none of my friends like it :( I however love it.
The Chocolate brown bar is filled with marzipan.
I hoped you liked reading about my presents and I hope you all had a marvelous Sinterklaas (even if you do not celebrate it.

Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl

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