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Hello my loves,

Today I have a little mixed review for you guys. It is a little review of three products that are all smelling like a peppermint. I have been wanting to review these products for you for a while now but I kept procrastinating this until christmastime. I found it very appropriate for this time a year since it is candy cane season :).
I have had these three products for a while now so keep in mind that they are all used. The products I am reviewing are from Lush, The Body Shop and Kneipp. Two products are for the shower and one product for you feet. 
The three products I am reviewing are Woosh, the shower jelly by Lush, the Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak by The Body Shop and at last a Kneipp shower gel in menthol eucalyptus.
I am starting this review with the shower gel by Kneipp. When I decide to shower in the morning, which rarely happens since I always oversleep, I really like using a shower gel that wakes me up. Somethings fresh usually. This shower gel with menthol gets me up and shining. It foams great and smells amazing, what more could you want?
 Then we have the reviving foot soak, my favourite product for my feet. This product from The Body Shop and I love using this after a long shopping trip when my feet are tired as hell. This perks my feet up right away and it makes them feel painless again. A great product for tired feet.
 The last product is a special product. Something I have never seen at any other brand than Lush, a shower jelly. This is another product I like to use during my morning showers. The product is a little weird but the way I like to use it goes like this; I pull a little piece out of the jelly and put this in my loofa. Than it starts foaming in a magical way with an incredible menthol, scent.

I hoped you enjoyed this short review and I really hope you will check these products out.
Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl

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