The House of Pets Coconut Gift Set

Hello  my loves,

Today I have a review about two body products from a brand I have never heard off; The house of pets. I got this for Sinterklaas and I did not have high expectations of this at all, I was not even going to do a review of these. That was until I tried them.
These two products have the cutest packaging I have ever seen, two little cats with pink bows around there neck and a paper medallion.
This gift set came with a shower gel and a Body Lotion. They are both in little cats, one black one and one white version. I was really surprised when I tried these for the first time. The shower gel foamed away greatly and the bodylotion hydrated my skin in an amazing way, my skin felt so soft. The main thing that surprised me was the way it sank in my skin, it was so quick. Very nice!
I have no idea where you can buy these since they were a gift but if you see them by accident, definitely take them with you because I highly recommend them. Expensive I do not think they are because they feel kind of cheap but do not judge a book by its price, it is a great product. The one thing I do not like is the packging. It is cute and all but not  convenient.

Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl

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