Sleek i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette Storm 578

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It has been quite a long time since I put up a review because I am very busy at the moment. But I think it was worth the wait because I have a very exciting review for you. I have already given you a sneak preview of the two products I bought at Skins and now it is finally time for the first review of those. Today I am reviewing the i-Divine Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette by Sleek.
Sleek sells a lot of these palettes and the one I bought is 'Storm 578'. I choose this one because the colours reminded me a lot of the autumn/winter-time and that was exactly the type of eyeshadow I was looking for.
I have always loved the look of the Sleek packaging, this is my first product from Sleek and the packaging did not disappoint me. It is very sleek and neatly shaped (see what I did there?) Matt black with the name 'Sleek' in shiny letters on the lid. On the back of the palette, the name of the palette is printed on the back in white letters.
The palette comes with twelve shades of gorgeous eyeshadows, three mattes and .nine shimmery ones. The colours are very autumnal and perfect for this time of year (which is the reason I chose this particular palette). Inside the palette you will find a giant mirror and a dual-ended sponge applicator. I never use these but if you do it is a nice addition to the palette.
I thought it would be fun to come up with some names for the shades in the palette and that is why I met up with a friend who helped me with this. Two creative brains can do more than one right? I have photographed the shades into groups of four and I will go through them clockwise starting from the upper left corners.
1. Sunny memories
2. Champagne at midnight
3. Icy Clouds
4. Chocolate shimmer
5. Tauped out
6. Golden leaves
7. Stormy heaven
8. Falling trees
9. Old-fashion
10. Pomegranate sparkle
11. Dark mysteries
12. Soil
I hoped you liked reading the names me and my friend came up with and I would love reading your suggestions. I do not like the fact that some brands do not give their products names, some brands just give them number or do not call the shades anything at all like sleek. Now it is time to move on to the swatches and look to the pigment of the eyeshadows.
The photos of the swatches are a little bit different in lighting because I took the first one when the sun was shining and five minutes later that sun was gone, just when I was ready to take my second swatchphoto.
In the top-row of the palette you will find the lighter shades that could fit in a summer palette as well. I really like the fact that Sleek put some lighter shades in a autumny palette because sometimes you do not want to go super dark around this time a year.

  • I called the first colour in this palette 'Sunny memories' because this reminds me of the warm after-summer-sun on your skin. In the autumn time you will catch some of the last rays of sunlight and that is what this colour reminds me off.  
  • The second colour in the palette I named 'Champagne at midnight' This shimmery champagny colour looks just like the glass you will raise at new year's eve.
  • 'Tauped out' was one of the colours that I could not come up with a name for. This brown-greyish colour is not a true taupe but it still reminds me of that colour. The woman at the store told me she uses this for her brows but I  have not tried that out yet. 
  • Than we have the fourth colour; 'Golden leaves'. The colour of the changing leaves right before they fall of the trees and kiss the ground with a gentle touch.
  • The second to last colour of this row got the name 'Old-fashioned' because it reminded my friend of those dusty old-pink colour that are lovely for the autumn time. When a piece of clothing has this colour, it makes me look sick but when I put this on my lids... Oh My. 
  • 'Pomegranate sparkle' is the last colour of the top row. It is just what the names says, a sparkly pomegranate colour. I love wearing colour like this on my lids and this looks really good when I combine it with one of my GOSH pigments (maybe a look of the with these colours
Now lets move on the the lower row in the storm palette. Keep in mind that the sun decided to duck down behind a cloud at this point.
The bottom row has the darker colours that are perfect for the autumn time. I would combine these with the lighter colours from the top row to create autumnal natural looks.

  • The first colours is called 'Chocolate shimmer' and I think the reason is very clear. The colour looks just like a chocolate bar, just with some glitter in it. I think it is a great colour for in your crease. 
  • Moving on to 'Icy clouds'. A gorgeous shimmery blue-toned grey colour that looks just like the sky when it is freezing outside, just with some added sparkle. If the stars would be visible during the day-time, the sky would have this kind of colour (in my dreams....).
  • 'Falling trees' is the third colour in this row. I thought this name would be funny because it is fall and the leaves are falling from the trees, do you get it? During the autumn time I always get into green eyeshadow and this one is a nice addition to my collection.
  • Then we have the fourth colour, 'Stormy heaven'. This reminds me of a  starry sky but since you do not have those a lot during the autumn time I decided to name it after the bad weather (which we have a lot here in the Netherlands).
  • The second to last colour in the palette is another  one which I found hard to come up with a name for. I settles for 'Soil' because this colour just looks like the dirt in the forests. It is one of the three mattes in this palette. 
  • Finally we have 'Dark mysteries', a really suiting name for this dark matt black eyeshadow. Funny story, when I applied this for the first time I was not thinking clearly because I put it in my crease, DO NOT do that because you will look like a sad panda when you do that.  
I  am using the names me and my friend came up with to describe which colours I use in my eye looks.

The first look I created with the palette is very natural and therefore great for everyday-use. I put 'Sunny memories' all over my lid and then I applied 'Chocolate memories' in my crease. The final two steps to this look are applying 'Champagne at midnight' on your browbone and innercorner as a highlight and 'Soil' in your outer-V to darker your look a little bit. The eyeliner I used is the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in '01 Black' and the mascara is the Catrice Glamour Doll one.
Now let's move on to a look that is a little bit darker.
The second and last look of this post is a little bit darker than the first one but still very natural and very appropriate for everyday. I started with the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Gel-cream Eyeshadow in 65-Pink Gold and applied Old-fashioned over it. These two colours are almost exactly the same, only the formula is different. Then I ran 'Tauped out' through the crease and 'Soil' in my outer-V to darker it all a bit, I love me some matt creases lately. The final two steps eyeshadow-wise are applying a highlighter, 'Champagne at midnight' and a smokey line on your upper and bottom lashline with 'Dark mysteries'. Finish your look by tightlining your eyes (I did not do my waterline), I used the HEMA Waterproof Eyeliner for this. The mascara I used is the same as in the previous look, it is the Catrice Glamour Doll one.
Well that was quite a big review don't you think? But what do you expect, from such a palette?  I have been obsessed with this palette for the last couple of weeks and I just love the colour-selection. The name storm is very well chosen and the only thing I would change about this palette is the fact that the colours do not have names. Just give them names Sleek, and this palette would be perfect.
You can but this palette for €10,- at Sleek selling points. (I do not exactly know were those are)

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