New in: Zara Scarf

Hello my loves,

Today I am going to show you one of my Sinterklaas presents, the thing that was is the cardboard box in my 'What I got for Sinterklaas' post. The minute I saw this in a video by Lily Pebbles, I knew I had to have it. A gorgeous piece for the winter time but way too expensive for what it is. Apparently my mother saw me looking at it online and guess what I got for Sinterklaas.
When I got my present and pulled the wrapper off, I freaked out, just because of the Zara logo and I did not even know what was in it.
I opened the box and found this blue tissue paper stuck together with a pink sticker which has the name of collection on it; Autumn Winter.
When I opened the tissue paper I found a little card that said 'Zara' on it and underneath it was my gorgeous new scarf, a plaid scarf with a little surprise on the other side of it.
One side is a black, green, red and white plaid and on the other side there is a black and white chevron pattern. The ends have a little fringe and the scarf is so incredibly soft (It's so fluffy ~ Despicable me). The softness just jumps out of your screen when you look at some of the pictures. I think this scarf is amazing for the winter time (which is coming really close now) and it keeps me so warm!
I am very pleased with my new scarf and I would really recommend it, it is great if you live in a colder climate like I do, (not that the Netherlands are that cold). In my opinion it is a little bit too expensive but I have also never had a cheaper scarf that is soo soft. You can buy it at Zara for €25,95 but I cannot find it online anymore, I think it  has sold out.

Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl.

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