My Favourite Series #1

Hello my loves,

With the holiday break coming up, I thought it would be fun to share my favourite series with you. Around this time a year, I always get into watching series during the autumn and winter time because the new good ones come out around that time a year.
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I am planning on doing two post on this subject and in this post I will write about my three favourites; 'Reign', 'Chicago Fire' and 'The Carrie Diaries'. Three great series that are my favourites of the moment.
Lets start with my favourite serie of the moment, 'Reign'. It is about Mary, who is the queen of Scots. She has to go to France and because of an alliance she has to marry Francis, the future king of France. The thing I love about the serie is the different genres it seems to have. It is a costume drama combined with fantasy, and a creepy ghost (it really freaks me out). 
I am a sucker for costume dramas, Downtown Abbey, Lark Rise and now Reign as well. It plays in the 16th century (which I will get for my history exam) and I just love the clothing they wear. Another selling point of this serie are the handsome man (Francis,Bash, his half brother and Leith, the kitchenboy).
It airs on thursday in America which means I can watch it on Friday, something I look forward to all week. For me the weekend starts when I can watch a new episode on Reign.  
Another serie with gorgeous man is Chicago Fire, a series about the fireman of Chicago. I am not a person for series that involve hospitals but even though Chicago Fire involves a lot of blood, fire and ugly situations, it is an amazing serie. My friends watch it as well and you should hear the conversations we have about the characters, my teacher heard it once and he laughed really hard because we were talking about hot fireman-monday. 
On the picture above you see my favourite fireman, Millls. It very funny, I have two friends who watch this and we all like another fireman. I am team Miller, one friend is team Severide and my other friend is team Cassey, how fun is that?
Before there was sex, before there was the city, there was just me, Carrie, Carrie Bradshaw. That is the line that every episode of 'The Carrie Diaries'. This serie has been my escape for the last season. Every time I was feeling down I would watch this and it would perk me up in an instant. 'Sex and the city' is something I never really watched but this serie is amazing plays in Carries teenage years.
I think this serie makes me so happy because of the fashion. It takes time in the 80's and the clothing is so colourful and fun, it is amazing. The actors are casted great, especially Sebastian, he is the most handsome, dreamy and cute boy!
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That was is for my favourite series post and these are the three series I am keeping up with right now. There are other series I love but those will return in a #2 post, when I start watching those (like the vampire diaries and the originals).  I hope you liked reading about these series and give them a try if you like.

Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl

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