Essence Long-lasting Lipstick in 09 Wear Berries!

Hello my loves,

Today I have a little review for you guys. I have heard a lot of good things about the new and improved Essence lipsticks and I could not wait to try them. The only problem was that I could not choose a colour that I liked, they all seemed kind of dull and a bit boring. I finally got around and just picked one and I hope I picked a pretty one.
The shade I went for is '09 Wear Berries!'. I do not exactly know why  I picked this one but I guess it just appealed the most to me out of all  the colours.
I love the new packaging of the lipsticks and I love the new look of them. The old lipsticks (which still exist) looked very cheap but these new ones, so luxurious. The lipstick has a matt black packaging and has the Essence-logo embed at the top of the lid. The little colour band around the lipstick tells you which colour it is.
The swatch is a little bit blurry but it shows you the colour perfectly, it is a true match. Another thing I really like about the new packaging is the logo printed in the lipstick itself, just like the luxury brands do.
My bare lips
I was blown away when I applied it for the first time on my lips, it feels so soft! The texture of this lipstick is really soft and moisturizing. The finish is really gorgeous and the colour is perfect for this time a year, a pretty berry colour. I love wearing these kind of colour during the autumn-fall time and because it has a blue undertone, it makes my teeth look whiter then ever.
This lipstick will definitely become one of my most worn shades of the autumn. I am in love with the colour and this colour really suits me I think. It wears quite a long time and does not wear off that fast as a lot of lipsticks I really like that.
You can buy this gorgeous lipstick at the drugstores for €2,39

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  1. It really does look beautiful!! I also think it matches you well too. I found this while searching through the priceline website, as there is a local priceline down my street and I wanted to research before purchasing since I'm trying to conserve money. All the reviews I found have been very positive, so I will try this colour. this colour caught my attention the most, aside from the beautiful coral.