Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet L'exubérante

Hello my loves,

Last week I did a little bit of a naughty purchase but I am so glad I did it. I bought my very first High-end beauty product, a Chanel lipstick. And I feel not the slightest gilt, wanna know why?
Well, let me explain to you how I got my Chanel lipstick for €9,40. Say whutt!! I bought my lipstick at 'IXI Paris', a Dutch beauty store that sells brands like Chanel, Dior and YSL but also has brands that are a little bit less expensive, like Bourjois. That store had a discount of 40% off on every lipproduct. A few days earlier I went with my friend and she bought a Dior lipstick and I did not get anything, something I regretted a lot when I got home. Than I found out that I still had a giftcard with €10 on it. That is when I decided to go again and purchase a nice lipstick. When I got home, I owned a Chanel lipstick.
A lot of expensive makeup comes in nice little boxes and Chanel is not an exception.  On the little box you will find any information you need about the lipstick. On the pictures you could already see it but I purchased the 'Rouge Allure Velvet' lipstick which is a luminous matte lip colour. MATTE!, my favourite finish when you are talking about lips. The shade I got is called '37 L'exubérante', this is French for exuberant (if you did not already thought of that. In Dutch it would be called 'uitbundig', try to pronounce it, I bed you will find it difficult because of the 'g' at the end.
When you open the box you will see a little white piece of cardboard with the Chanel logo printed on it (I use this as my bookmark now because I thought it was pretty).
On that piece of cardboard you will  find the instructions. A lipstick with instructions? Yes it exists. It explains you how to open the lipstick because it has push and pull system which can be challenging when you do not know how to open it.
The lipstick has a gorgeous shiny black case with gold accents. You have to push the gold bottom and then the lipsticks comes peeking out. The pull the gold bottom out and there it is, your lipstick. The packaging looks gorgeous but even if it would look cheap as hell, the name Chanel does the job. The white letters on the case make it feel incredibly luxurious.
The actual case of the lipstick is completely gold and the Chanel name is embed in the lipstick itself. I went for a bright pink colour because I think that is the colour that suits me the best. I love me some red lipstick but it is not something I wear a lot, I usually lean more towards pinky tones.
The lipstick is really pigmented and looks great on your lips, it does not make them look dry and it also does not draw lines. The colour is absolutely gorgeous. It is a bright pink but it is a little bit darker than you usual bright pink, which makes it great for this time a year as well. I also love the fact that it makes my teeth look whiter. I definitely notice a difference with my cheaper lipsticks, it stay much longer on your lips.
Chanel lipsticks are usually around 30 euros (I believe 32 but do not hold me on that) and it feels amazing to get such a high quality product for 9 euros, I love a good bargain. The bad thing however is that I want more Chanel lipsticks now which is not good for my bankaccount. Let me  know if you have ever tried something from Chanel before and if you do, let me know if you liked it as much  as I like this lipstick.

Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl.


  1. A real stunner, also my favorite although I did not get it on sale, much to my chagrin.

  2. Very nice post. I just got mine last weekend. Love the colour! I have a few other Chanel lipsticks too (Gabrielle, La Rafinee, La Favourite and another one which I can't remember and this Lexuberante). I love them all. Can be slightly drying although I do not have dry lips but it is better to prep the lips prior applying (except for Gabrielle because it's the Rouge Coco).