Catrice Eye Palette: Hollywood's Golden Age

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I am putting this post up later than I wanted to but better late then never. The reason for this delayed post are several  christmas activities but now I am back. Christmas vacation has started and I have a little bit more time to write. On tuesday I wrote a review of the new roaring lip colours of the new limited Catrice collection and today I am reviewing the eyeshadow palette of that same line.
This new palette is part of the 'feathers & pearls' collection that is available in stores right now. There is one kind and it is called 'Hollywood's Golden Age', a very appropriate name for this smokey palette.
Does this palette look familiar to you? If you have been reading my blog for a while or if your a massive fan of Catrice, it should. It has the same design as the other eyeshadow palettes Catrice brought out in the last year; 'All Nude' which is in the regular collection and 'Haunted Melody' which was in the Hip Trip collection during may and june. You can click on the names to go to the reviews I wrote about those palettes.
This palette holds five shimmery eyeshadows and one cake-eyeliner. I am very enthusiastic about the metallic eyeshadows but the cake-eyeliner is not something I usually like. 'All Nude' is black, 'Haunting Melody' was silver and this one is gold, I like the fact that they vary their packaging. This one has some gold details on the lid  i.a. the feather that was on the roaring lip colour packaging as well. The brush that comes with the palette is not as great as the ones that were in the previous palettes. The brush side of the dual-ended applicator has gone backwards in quality.
These are the six colours that the palette holds. I know that the middle two colours look very similar on the photos above but if you look at the photo with all the colours, you can see that the left one is darker. 
From the left to the right: 
  • Black cake-eyeliner.
  • Black with silver shimmers. 
  • Shimmery anthracene.
  • Silver.
  • Gold
  • Shimmery white which Catrice describes as diamant. 
Six  pretty shades which look like they could be perfect for a smokey eye look with a whole lot of shimmers. 
This is how the swatches look and I must say that I am not blown away by them. The black, anthracene and white are nice but the grey and gold shades are a little bit disappointing. The cake-eyeliner is surprisingly pigmented, it the swatch on the left and I applied it with a wet brush.
Here you see the look I created with the palette. I put the grey all over my lid, the anthracene in my crease and the shimmery black in my outer-v. The white one I used as an innercorner highlight. I also applied the cake eyeliner along my lash line but then I put more grey over it to make it smokier, really like the effect this gave.
I am not mega enthusiastic about this palette, it is not really special and the quality is not amazing. The eyeshadows are very crumbly and most of them blend away easily. Only the shimmery black one stays on and the cake eyeliner is kind of nice. Just not very convenient because you can only use it with a wet brush.
If you are looking for a nice smokey palette I would recommend it but keep in mind that it is not easy to create a nice eyelook with it. Another tip I should give you is not to do your whole face if you are going to use this, it has a lot of fall out.
You can buy this palette right now for €4,99 but you will have to be quick because it is a limited edition.  

Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl.

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