Catrice Roaring Lip Colour Josephine's Joy

Hello my loves,

There is a new limited Edition by Catrice available and let me tell you already, it is a great one. It is called, Feathers & Pearls. The 'Roaring Twenties', years full of glamour, pearls, fringes and feathers. The years of the Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey (sort of, this plays just before the twenties I believe).
I have bought two product of the collection so far but I am really tempted to get some more stuff because I love the packaging and I really want to try the other products. The first product I already got is a lipstick. The lipsticks of this collection are called the 'Roaring Lip Colours' and there are three colours in total.
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I got the shade; 'Josephine's Joy', which is obviously named after the famous Josephine Baker, the lady who invented the banana skirt. On the pictures above you see her and I think she is a gorgeous woman and an amazing symbol of the 'Roaring Twenties'.
Just the packaging is gorgeous. It is the same packaging as the regular packaging only with some embellishments on the lid, some feathers and a cute rim along the top. On the bottom you will find the name of the lipstick in the colour of the lipstick (which is not similar to the actual colour).
Just like the other lipsticks of Catrice, it has the name stamped in the lipstick. I was pretty surprised when I swatched it because I was expecting a more reddish colour. You can imagine my astonishment when I found out this was a gorgeous pinky-red lipstick. It looks gorgeous on the lips, especially when you are a pale girl like me.
I did not have that high expectations when I saw the collection for the first time online but I am blown away. The lipsticks are a mega hit, the colour is very rich, deep and stays on for quite some time. I really love the matte finish and I think this colour is great for the autumn winter time.
If you want this lipstick you will have to be quick because the collection is limited. It is currently available in stores right now and this lipstick costs €3,99.

Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl.

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  1. Nice color! But I suppose it requires lipliner?