Sneak Preview: Skins

Hello my loves,

While I am writing this little sneak preview for you I am sitting in a thick cozy bathrobe after a nice warm shower and after a hard workout at the gym. Today I went too Groningen, a city in the north of the Netherlands. It is an two hour ride by train from where I live but it was all worth it because there was a store there, a store called skins.
 I believe the Skins in Groningen is the only store in the Netherlands were they sell the English brand Sleek. Sleek is one of the brands I have been wanting to try for a long time now but I did not want to order it because then I can not swatch it. My friend told me about Skins Groningen selling Sleek and we saw the perfect opportunity to buy some Sleek.
 Now you are probably wondering what I bought exactly. Well I bought two palettes and I am already in love with them. I have made the pictures for the reviews that are coming already and I have used them a couple times now. Let me tell you, they are amazing.
I bought an 'i-Divine Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette' and a 'Contouring and Blush Palette'. The eyeshadow palette is 578 Storm and the contour palette is 372 Fair. The pictures are made and the reviews are planned in, stay tuned and the reviews will come in a few weeks.


  1. Actually, sells Sleek - and you can buy it from your living room (in a cozy robe!)

    1. I know that but I like to swatch something before I buy it, that is not possible when you buy it online.