Palmer's Shea Butter Formula with Vitamin E

Hello my loves,

After my not so loving review of Monday I have a more positive review for you today. I do not have pretty feet, I know a lot of people will say this but I do not think my feet are ugly, I just have a lot of splits in my heels and under the ball of my foot. Do not worry no pictures of those in this review, I do not want those on the internet. Today I am reviewing a concentrated cream.
 I found this in one of the drawers in the bathroom and I kind of stole if from my mother (she has not noticed it yet and I do not think she ever used it since it was completely full when I grabbed it. It is from a brand I had have never heard from before; Palmer's.
The Palmer's product I am reviewing today is the Shea Butter Formula With Vitamin E Concentrated Cream for extra dry skin. This cream can be used on your hands, elbows, knees and feet but I think you can use it on other dry patches somewhere on your body as well. I am currently using in on my heels and elbows.
I shower almost every evening and after my hot shower, I sit on my bed, take this cream and apply a thick layer on my heels. My heels are extremely dry and have a lot of slits, you could say 'it runs in the family'. After I massage the cream into my heel I take a nice fluffy sock and put it on right over cream, I do this because the cream takes a long time to sink into your skin. Right before I fall asleep (I usually read something or watch a YouTube video) I make sure to take the socks of and I am left with really nice and soft feet.
On the picture above you see the thick cream. It is really moisturizing and therefore takes long time to sink into your skin. This means your left with greasy feet for a while, definitely put some socks on if your are walking after you applied the cream or you will slip and slide through your house. I have been using this for two weeks or so now and I dare to say that I see a huge difference in my heels. The slits are smaller and   my feet are just less dry. I always forget to apply it to my elbows but when I do I, I already notice a difference the next morning.
I have no idea how expensive this is or where you can buy it but when you see it the store, think of your dry heels and pick this up because it is amazing.

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