October Favourites

Hello my loves,

It is october, the month the leaves start falling, the month full of rain and the month with the most gorgeous colours. Do not get me wrong, I love summer but autumn is definitely my favourite season and when the summer is coming to an end I normally can not wait for the autumn to start. Now it is finally here and when I look out of my window, I see the most gorgeous colours in the trees and today is (luckily) a beautiful sunny day and I can not wait to share my october autumn favourites.
I do not have a lot of favourites this month but it was a good month for my nails. Autumn colours are my favourites and I could not pick one nail polish this month, that is why I picked five! I am going through them from the left to the right.

  • P2: Color Victim Nail Polish: 996 Before Sunrise
    I already know I am going to say this about all five nail polishes but this one is absolutely gorgeous. The quality is not the best but with a good topcoat, it is amazing.This colour is something like I had ever seen before, it is kind of holographic and I love that in a nail polish. It has burgundy, hunter green, darkblue, purple and ever a gold in there, I love it.
  • NYC: In a New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish: 272 Bowery Black
    NYC has the best nail polishes if I look to the drugstore brands. The pigmentation is always great and they last kind of long. The colour I have been loving this month is a gorgeous metallic grey. It looks really cool on your nail because it has hints of blue in it as well. 
  • Essence: Colour & Go Nail Polish: 148 Prom Berry
    The new colours by Essence are gorgeous but the quality is just not great. I love this colour but I already have chips after a few hours. I am still wearing this because the colour is just too amazing to leave it in my nail polish box. It is a beautiful plummy purple and that is right up my alley.
  • Essie: Nail Polish: Recessionista
    Essie is my favourite nail polish brand if I am  looking for a slightly more expensive, better quality polish. I mean 10 euros is not cheap but compared to the 24 you pay for Chanel... You get what I mean.This particular colour is my favourite one for the autumn time because it is such a rich purple red colour. Creamy with not extras, just a plain gorgeous shade. 
  • P2: Sand Style Polish: 030 Seductive 
    I currently own two polishes with the sand effect but this one is my favourite. The colour in it  are perfect for the autumn and textured nail polish is still on trend, look at OPI their holiday collection contain a lot of liquid sand polishes. 
That were the nail polishes that I loved this month and I wore each one of them a few times because I just love the colours. Do not forget to click on the names to go to a NOTD or review of the nail polishes, I never did one on Recessionista but maybe in the near future, we will see. Lets move on to the rest of my favourites. 
After all that nail polish it is time for a lipbalm that I have been loving. I get why all the American blogger are raving about this, just because it is amazing. This makes my lips incredible soft and it also makes them smell amazing. Not that I have a boyfriend or anything but it is nice, for myself.
These two eyeshadows have been my favourites to wear this look. I use the Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR  Gel-Cream Eyeshadow as a base and I apply this one all over my lid and a little bit in the crease. Then I apply MAC's Mulch in my crease and in my outer-V. I love the contrast between the cold taupe Maybelline colour and the warm brown Mac one, I makes your eyes pop in a very natural way. It looks amazing! Maybe I will do a look with this soon but I have to see if I can get that on photo, since it is such a natural look, it probably wont be easy.
This is the lipstick I have been wearing a lot and it looks great with almost everything. The colour is a great everyday natural that will probably look good on a lot of skin tones. It is a little bit darker than my own lip colour but still very natural.
Last month I have been loving to wear foundation again. In the summertime I always find a bit to heavy and I usually use a BB-Cream but  when autumn comes peeking around the corner I grab for my foundations. I have been loving this one last month but it is getting way too dark for my pale skin. When I had a little bit of a tan it fitted my skin perfectly. I already bought a new one of which a review is coming online on tuesday.
The favourite I want to show you are the Beauty Blossom products by Dove. These were part of the summer collection and I tried my best to finish them this month. I remembered again why I loved them so much, the scent is really subtle and was perfect of the summertime. I am glad I finished it because I would not want use this in the winter since the scent is so obviously spring summer.

That was it for this months favourites and I hope you enjoyed reading about them. I did not have a favourite perfume this month because I have been using a couple of different ones, nothing new or anything. Just my old ones using a different one almost every day.
Please let me know what you favourite products were in october, I would love to read about them and maybe, who knows. I could discover new favourites with your help.

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