NYC HD Colour Quattro Eyeshadow: 793 Fashion Bootcamp

Hello my loves,

I picked up a new eyeshadow quattro, from NYC this time. I am a big fan of the eyeshadows that NYC makes because they are always from great quality and they have a huge variety of shades. I bought this particular one because the colours were so autumnish and I was looking for a hunter green eyeshadow.
I have tried a HD Colour Quattro Eyeshadow before but I have tried the single eyeshadows, which I use quite a lot. Another eyeshadow by NYC that I have tried is the Individual Eyes which I do like but do not use a lot because the colours are a little bit dramatic. According to the Dutch website there are 6 shades available in this pallette of which I bought '793 Fashion Bootcamp'. I did not really look at the other shades because as I said, I was looking for a hunter green eyeshadow.
The quattro is really smart design which I like. The case is black and the lid is clear with in silver letters, the logo of NYC on it. It also comes with a little sponge applicator, I do not use these and I do not understand why they are still in there since almost nobody likes them. When are the brand going to add a real brush to go with there eyeshadows?

There are four gorgeous colours in this quattro (that is why it is called a quattro) and they are beautifully pigmented, like I am used to when it comes to NYC. I will go through them from left to right (which is from bottom to top in the palette).

  • A highlighter. This one does not show her beauty on the pictures but it is indeed a gorgeous shimmery highlighter that tends to lean to gold. 
  • A hunter green. This is the colour for which I bought this palette.It is a true green but it does have some golden shimmers in it if you look good. I think this will look beautiful on the lid, especially when it catches the light in the right way.
  • A peachy/liver. I have no idea how I should name this colour because it is in between a peach and a copper and a liver colour. Even Though giving it the name, liver, despises me, I love the colour and I think it goes really well with the hunter green one, they complement each other. 
  • A shimmery grey/green. After the green colour, this is probably my favourite colour out of the four. It is a really dark grey colour with some green hits to it and the most golden shimmer out of them all. 
I love the way these eyeshadows look on my wrist and I am wondering what they look like on my eyelids. I know you are curious as well so lets hop right in. 
This is the look I created with this palette, a very natural green look with a dark green grey crease. I used my favourite mascara to finish it off and I love the way the green makes my eyes look. They are more blue than they actually are, I have greenish grey eyes. 
Well I hope you liked my review and I highly recommend this palette, definitely give it a try or swatch it if you see in the shops. I love the colours in this palette and the colours are just perfect for the autumn season, the green will look really good with blue or brown eyes and the other colours are good staples for in your collection.
You can buy this eyeshadow quattro at the shops for €4,29.

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