Nivea Soft

Hello my loves,

If you have read my review of the L'Oréal Nude Magique Eau De Teint foundation you will know that I needed a moisturizer underneath it and something I did not tell you in that review is that my current one (Neutral) is not moisturizing enough. I sinks into your skin too quickly to blend your foundation with. That is why I bought a richer cream, the Nivea Soft hydrating cream.
I do not know if they sell the regular version at the moment but the one I got is the limited edition Designed by Giles. I have no idea who that is but the packaging is really cute and has some cute drawings all around it.
The jar is gigantic and holds 200ml which I like because it means I can probably do a long time with it. Maybe even till the end of winter, we will see.
The cream is really thick and it smells very typical, like Nivea every smells. It feels  really nice on the skin and leaves a shiny residue on my face, exactly what I wanted it to do for my foundation.
I think I made a good decision by buying this cream. The one thing I was scared for were pimples because it is a really rich cream but I have been using it every morning and it has not made me break out yet. The price is pretty good as well, I bought mine for € 4,19. Which is really good for such a gigantic jar of cream. I love it and I highly recommend this if you are looking for a basic, budget and hydrating moisturiser.

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