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Hello my loves,

Today I have a blog post that is a little bit different than the usual content on my blog. I already do some favourite posts like my favourites of the month and my favourite music. Now I am sharing my favourite fashion blogs of the moment.
When the autumn comes peeking around the corner I always start to get more into fashion because I like the sort of clothes in this season better. Chunky knits, blazers and warm scarves, that what I love and not the short shorts and tank tops from the summer. That is why I am always excited for the autumn time but also because those rich colours like burgundy and emerald look better on me than neon or pastels. I also start go on more fashion blogs around this time a year and now I am sharing my favourite ones with you!
I want to state out that the pictures shown in this post are not in any way mine, all the rights belong to the owners of the fashion blogs that I am going to talk about. 
Source made into a collage with PicMonkey
The first blog I love is 24 years old girl from Germany, called Vicky. I can not remember how I found this blog but once I was on it I believe I went through it for like and hour. Her style is amazing and really affordable but with a few more expensive things mixed in. Especially the shoes in the picture above! I need those!
Go check Vicky's blog out because I think it is one of the best ones out there. Her photos are amazing and I am checking her blog a lot of times in the week, I hope you will be doing this as well since her style is definitely worth a peek and I even dare to say that her blog is my favourite one out of the ones I am showing you, that is why I am talking about Bikinis & Passports first. 
Let's move on to the next blog.
The second blog I read a lot. This one is by Annabelle and I believe she lives in America but I do not know were or anything. Her style is really classy and she wear a lot of expensive items which makes it just pure pleasure to watch.
I would definately check this blog out because it has so many amazing eye candy on there, the pictures are amazing and Annabelle is a beautiful girl that could have been a model I think. I love the classic way she styles her outfits and her shoes.... I do not have words for it!
Two blogs down, one to go.
Her blog I found through Instagram when I was looking through a following list off somebody I follow me. I love the way she styles her high heels in a casual outfit which is something I find really hard. Another thing I like is that she buys lots of thing from Romwe, which is a asian website, this makes her style really different than any other.
Anni´s blog was the last one certainly not my least favourite one, I love this blog just as much as VivaLuxury and because she is from Germany, the weather is similar to the weather here, in Holland. That is the main issue I have with fashion blogs. They always walk in  bare legs but that is here only possible in july and august, the rest of the year it is too cold or it is raining. In Germany it is even a little bit colder so Anni´s vlog is perfect.

Well, that was it. These were my favourite fashion blogs and I definitely hope you will check them out. Let me know what your favourite blogs are and I hope you enjoyed reading about mine. 

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