Dove Hair Therapy Split Ends Rescue

Hello my loves,

Since I finished my Garnier Fructis Shampoo, I have been using these new products; The Dove Hair Therapy line for Split ends. I decided to pick these products up because I saw a really loving review by the lovely Serena from She is one of the best Dutch beauty bloggers and she has her roots somewhere in Asia (I believe Indonesia, but I am not sure). She had really bad split ends and she said that this line really helps masking that (split ends can not be repaired, no matter what a brand says)
There are three products in the 'Split Ends Rescue' line; a shampoo, conditioner and a leave-on-treatment and I bought all three of them. The products are supposed to go until cel-level and should help restoring your split ends but we all know this is a fairytale. When your ends are split you can only mask them or cut them off, there is no way to repair them. The first thing is what these products do, they lay a little layer around your split ends which makes them close. They stay closed until the layer wears off, then the split ends are back.
The three products are supposed to be used with each other but you can use other products with it as well. These three products are the only hair products I have used since three weeks, this because I wanted to see if it made any difference.  I thought this was the best way to test them out.
Now you are probably wondering if what I really think of the products,well I can tell you that in one word: AMAZING. After using it once, I already saw a difference. I have a lot of split ends but after using it once, I saw a huge difference and I had a lot less split ends. Now that I have using a while I can honestly say that this is my new love. The day after I wash my hair, it looks the best. The longest I have not washed my hair was 5 days (I know gross but I just did not have time) and then I slowly saw the split ends returning, proof that the shampoo only works temporarily. It is not magic like going to the hairdresser.
Love your hair, I completely agree with this!
The bottles that I have are now half empty and I am definitely going to repurchase them.  The products are not expensive as well, I can not remember the exact prices but it was under 5 euros a piece. A really good price for amazing hair care. Aussie is another hair brand that I love but it is a little bit more expensive. Believe me when I say these products are definitely worth the price, they are in fact better than the price. 
Let me know what shampoo you are currently using and if you have ever tried a product from the 'Split Ends Rescue' line.

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