Catrice Thrilling Me Softly Wet Shine Stain Long-Lasting Lip Lacquer

Hello my loves,

When I saw that this limited edition from Catrice was coming this month I was incredibly enthusiastic.That was until I was looking at the collection in the store; the eyeshadows are chalky, the blush sticks were sold out and the nail polish colours did not appeal to me. I did however pick up one product.
I bought one shade of the Wet Shine Stain Long-Lasting Lip Lacquer. There are three shades in total and I got the prettiest one; Fatal. The other shades are called: 'Innocent' and 'Thrilling'. 'Innocent is a soft baby pink colour and 'Thrilling' is a orangey red.
The packaging of this limited edition is absolutely gorgeous. Every product of the line has patches of lace over it. The colours of the lace on the lip lacquers do not exactly line up with the shades. 'Fatal' is a  deep cherry red colour and the lace on the packaging is in a brownish pink shade.  So check out the actual colour of the lip lacquer and do not choose it by the colour of the packaging.
I fell for the shade of this product when I bought it and I though the consistency would be similar to the  Rimmel Lip Lacquers (I have one of those and I love it, here is a review) but it is not, it is completely different. This is a wet lip stain which basically means your lips will keep looking like there are wet. This is something you need to like but it is not my taste, I like semi-matte finishes better. Another thing about this product that is not so good, it the applicator. It is almost impossible to apply it with the actual applicator. The colour is very pigmented and the applicator is not very precise. I tried applying it with a lip brush which went better but it is still very hard to get neat. Definitely take your time when you apply this because it will take a while.
I cannot decide if I like this or if I hate this. The colour is incredibly amazing but applying it is awful. The colour is worth it I think but than again, I have some other colours just as pretty that apply better.  I do not really like the finish of the lip product and I do not think I will be wearing this a lot.
If you want to try this lip lacquer you will need to be quick because it is a limited edition but I do not think this will be a huge hit.
You can but the Wet Shine Stain Long-Lasting Lip Lacquer for € 3,99 at the drugstore.

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  1. That colour is gorgeous!! I can't wait 'til the collection comes out here =)