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Hello my loves,

Ever since I saw this tag on YouTube I have been wanting to do it as well. The tag looks fun to do and the same is just the cutest tagname I have ever heard. I am going to answer eight questions that are connection to the autumn time (British: Autumn, American: Fall).
The pictures are not my own but I did add the letters myself. 
What fall trend are you most excited for?
This question is an easy one for me to answer, cozy sweaters. I have always loved the fashion in the autumn more than in any other season, especially the sweaters. This year they are bigger than ever and I hope this trend will continue for a few years. I am especially keen on the big chunky ones, imagine just bundling up in a cozy huge sweater while sipping from your cup of hot choco. I can not wait for the cold to come. 
What is your favourite fall beauty product?
This question is also an easy one for me to answer, dark lips, without doubt. I love dark red and dark purple lips but I am still a bit scared to rock them during school-time. I do not own a dark (and than I mean dark) lipstick but I do have some darker colours like '270 Matt-erial Girl' by Catrice and '01' by Rimmel (Kate Moss Line). The next lipstick I will buy is probably a dark purple of a dark bloody red. 
What is your favourite fall drink?
I know a lot of American and British YouTubers will answer this question with  some sort of drink from Starbucks but not I. You must think I am crazy but I have only been to Starbucks, once in my entire life and even than, I had a muffin. I do not drink coffee and the nearest Starbucks is a hour away by bus. That is why I am choosing a cup of steaming hot chocolate for this question.
What is your favourite fall scent?
For the autumn time I love to switch out my fresh and airy summer scents for some heavier sexy scents. I have three favourites. My absolute favourite perfume for the autumn is 'Princess' by Vera Wang but I have some other scents I like as well. I like 'Seductive I'm Yours' by Guess and of course 'Light Blue' by Dolce & Gabbana. Guess is perfect for nights out and D&G is a little bit lighter for during the day. These three perfumes will get us through autumn.
What fall trend do you hate?
This one is easy for me as well, faux fur. I hate it real fur and I am not very keen on the faux version as well. I just do not get why someone would want to wear a dead animal (I do wear leather but still). Faux fur can look good on some people like the girl on the picture above but on me and on almost all the people I have seen wearing it it looks like they are being swallowed by an animal. Do not get me wrong I love the teddy bear coats and I am drying to get one.
What is your Halloween costume this year?
In the Netherlands, Halloween is not such a big tradition as in America. We do not really celebrate Halloween by trick or treating or having huge dress up parties. We do have something similar to trick or treat on the 11th of november. If I would have a Halloween party  this year, which I do not, I would probably just wear a mask. We have a saying in Holland, 'just behave normal, than you are acting crazy enough.' No weird costumes for me, I would keep it classy.
What is your favourite fall song?
My favourite song that has really something to do with the autumn time is 'Autumn Leaves' by Ed Sheeran but I have a few other songs I love at the moment. 'Take Your Time Girl' by Niels Geusebroek is a song I love and I already shared it with you in my last Albums of the Moment post. Other songs I like at the moment are 'Papaoutai' by Stromae, 'Burn' by Ellie Goulding and 'Royals' by Lorde. Those songs symbolize autumn 2013 for me at the moment. I am also digging 'Of The Night' by Bastille.
What is your favourite Halloween sweet/candy? 
This one is probably the easiest, I do not have one. As far as I know, the stores in Holland do not sell a specific Halloween candy. We do have special candy for Sinterklaas, but that is something typically Dutch. Maybe I will do a separate post on that holiday but I will let you know of course.
That was is for this tag and this must not come to a surprise to you but I tag you as well. Please let me know your answers to the tag because I would love to read them. I sure hope you liked reading about mine.

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