September Favourites

Hello my loves,

It's the beginning of a new month and I hope August will be better than September. I've had a horrible month and the past weeks were a huge struggle to get through. A few things have happened last month that weren't very good for my nerves and on top of that my grandmother had to visit the hospital. I've had a few points of hope for a better month last week but I'm trying very hard to forget last month.
September has been a month full of rain, cold weather and lots of wind. I don't like the rain and I'm very sad that summer is over. No more shorts, no more sandals and no more bright colour. The last thing is the only thing I'm happy with. Bright colours don't look good with my pale skin tone and warm colours like burgundy and emerald do. I know it's only been fall for a week or so but believe me, if you live in the Netherlands, fall starts halfway during September. That's why I'm going to tell you about my September/transitioning favourites.
If the title of the product is pink and underlined like this, you can click on it to go to the review.
Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue - Eau De Toilette
My first favourite this month is a perfume I own for a while now but never really wore. Lately I've been forcing myself to wear it and when I did that for a few days the scent started growing on me. I got loads of compliments on it and I appreciated the scent more and more. It's a great scent for the beginning of fall because it's not too fresh and not too warm, just a good transitioning perfume that last a long time on the skin.
The review I did of this product was released only a week ago but I've been wearing this gloss since I got it (beginning of September). I really like the soft pink colour this gives my lips and the gloss smells and tastes amazing. My lips have been loving this as well and they're very moisturized after I wear the glossy balm.
I think this favourite is the one I wore the most. The last step of my morning-routine is applying a powder to mattify my face and since I only own one powder... I haven't tried a great deal of powders in my life but this one from Catrice is my favourite one so far. The best thing about this particular one is way is wears, if you know what I mean. It's incredibly longlasting and I've never had a powder that I didn't had to reapply during the day.
During my holiday I bought this micellar solution and I finally understand the hype around Bioderma. This solution micellaire (as they say it in France) is perfect for removing the last bits and bops of makeup left on my face and I've really noticed a difference in my skin since I started using this. My skin is smoother and I haven't had a zit or anything since I swiped the cotton pad with Bioderma over my face.
A Dutch beauty blogger (Vera Camilla) wrote about this and I've been wanting to try it ever since. The weird this is that I never did until my friend wanted to buy this. Then I took the leap and bought this baby. I already knew it was good but when I tried it I was blown away.   The lipstick lasts for a very long time and the pigmentation is amazing.
HEMA - Blusher - 02 Medium
Correct my if I'm wrong but I believe this blush was in the limited christmas collection from last year. I didn't wanted to buy it at first because I wasn't a big fan of blush but I decided to do it, no matter how much I was going to use it. Now I'm very glad I did it back then because this blush is one of my favourites blushes I own.
Rimmel - Exaggerate Eye Liner - 001 100% Black
When Autumn is coming I'm getting more into using liquid liner and this one is my favourite one to use. The point is really narrow and the liquid is blacker than black. These two things make it really easy to draw a tiny and neat line that stays there all day. 
I finally did it, I repurchased my favourite mascara and I'm really glad I did. I rewrote a review because the pictures of my old review were lost and I can truly say that  it's still my favourite. 
My last favourite is this gorgeous peachy colour. I've been applying it over almost every eyelook and I love the effect and dimension it brings out my eyes. A lot of the Catrice mono's are pigmented but don't transfer onto your eyes or are blended away too quick but not this one. This eyeshadow is super-shimmery and just a pretty colour that makes my eyes sparkle.

Those were my favourites of September and I hope you liked reading about them. 


  1. I absolutely LOVE Dolce & Gabbana's 'light blue' as well! I've been using it everyday and I just cab't get enough of it!


    1. Me too, it's so amazing and I love your style by the way.