Neutral Face Cream

Hello my loves,

I can not remember in which post I told you this but there was a post in which I told you that I was going to try a new moisturizer. Well when I finished my Vichy Aqualia Thermal I went to the store and I bought a new one. I bought the Neutral face cream.
I went for this particular moisturizer because it does not have any sh!t in it. No perfume, colorants or parabens and really basic ingredients.
On the box you find a few details of the product. It is in Dutch and that´s why I will translate it for you.

  • Gentle and hydrating moisturizer.
  • Contains Glycerine and vitamin E and nourishes the skin.
  • Absorbs quickly and makes the skin soft.
  • dermatologically tested.
The packaging is really basic and it is something I really like, it is taupe with white and some navy. I love the fact that it has a pump because it is more hygienic than a jar. It contains 50ml and has no nonsense ingredients.
 The cream that comes out of the pump is thicker than I am used to and also more moisturizing than my old Vichy one. This is good because the winter is coming up and that means dry skin all the way. I am really hoping this cream is going to prevent it. I can not form an opinion right away but so far I really like it. It moisturizes my skin perfectly but than again, my skin still does not need much at the moment.
You can buy the Neutral Face cream for €7,99 and I do really recommend this if your looking for a very basic moisturizer. And why not try it for such a cheap price. 

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