Mini Haul: Amsterdam

Hello my loves,

A couple of days ago I went to Amsterdam to have lunch with one of my friends and to try to meat Joe Sugg (a British YouTuber). Lunch was great but when we didn't see a change of meeting him, we had to do something about our sadness and what better way to get happy than by shopping. Let's just say that my wallet has lost some weight.

I did not buy that much stuff but the things I bought weren't the cheapest thing I ever bought. I only bought four things but oh my god, I spend way to much money, as usual.
We first went to the shop-in-store of Topshop in the Bijenkorf. I had to search a long time but when I got to the last rack I found this adorable electric blue dress. It is very  flowy and I love the way this colour looks on me. The back is really cool as well because the straps make a very intriguing pattern. The price was less nice, €52,-.
After Topshop, we went into the Zara and there I found this blazer. It is a white blazer and it has silver zippers on the sleeves. I have been searching for a white blazer for a while now and I finally found it. The fits is perfect and I love the way it looks, buttoned or unbuttoned. The price was nice as well, €30,-. I put a black top underneath it for the pictures, this way you can see the item better.
I have showed you my pink Steve Madden pumps before but when I saw the petrol ones, I died. This colour is perfect for the autumn and I hope they will walk just as easy as my other ones.  They cost me €89,99.
The last item I bought is a basic I did not own already. Believe it or not, but I do not own a basic pair of black jeans. This pair I bought at H&M for (drumroll please) €10,-. An amazing price in my opinion.

My feet were dieing after I came home because I was walking on heels the whole time and believe me that's not a good idea when you are shopping in Amsterdam. Apart from my feet this t day was really pleasant and I love my new items. I hope you do as well and that was it for today's post.

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