Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids: 904 Vivid Rose

Hello my loves,

Maybelline was on sale and I could not behave myself. Be honest, what would you have done when you see a 1+1 free sale in the drugstore on top of 20% off from everything. I bought two new lipsticks and today I'm going to review one of them. A review of the other one is coming next month.
When I was doing my research on this product I couldn't find it on the Dutch website and so I went to the American version. I came to the conclusion that I bought one of the Vivids lipstick.
Now bright goes gorgeous, never garish. Brighter colour from our exclusive vivid pigments. Creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar.
I have tried a lipstick by Maybelline (review) and that one has become one of favourites in a very short amount of time. I have never tried one of these lipsticks with the bright lids so I'm completely blind on this one.
The lipsticks comes in a bright coral packaging with silver accents and the name of the shade on the bottom. The coral colour of the lid does not really matches the colour of the lipstick but I still think it's but and cool thing to do. The lipstick is very lightweight which makes it feel a bit cheap but makes it very handy for carrying it with you.
See what I mean? The lipstick is in a bright pink colour while the lid leans more to orange, maybe something went wrong when they were mixing the colours for the lid? I still like the colour though, don't get me wrong on that aspect. The product comes in a stick with a slightly curved end, really clever of Maybelline because this is the shape a lipstick gets when you are using it and now they have already formed the lipstick to the shape of your lips.
The swatch on my wrist
My bare lips

The colour on my lips
I am really pleased with the pigmentation of this lipstick since I did not expect it. I bought this particular colour because I expected a sheer one and wanted to go as bright as possible for more pigment (I could not swatch them in  the store). Can you imagine my bewilderment when I swatched it. The pigmentation is great and it also last quite a long time on my lips. I do not find this lipstick moisturizing (as they promised) but it is not drying my lips out as well and it smells like honey! I think this lipstick will be standing in my collection until the spring because I don't really like bright colours in the autumn winter time, but still. It's a gorgeous colour.
The gorgeous advertisement
After this lipstick I am really eager to buy more of the Maybelline lipsticks but I have to retain myself because they are not the cheapest, €11,79. Check my blog again next month for another Maybelline lipstick review. Than not a vivid, than I am reviewing an ordinary colorsensation lipstick in a colour that's more appropriate for the autumn time.


  1. This is such a gorgeous colour! I'm bummed Maybelline didn't release this one in Spain.

    1. Aw that's a bummer because it's truly a gorgeous colour.