Maybelline Colorsensational: 162 Feel Pink

Hello my loves,

Last week I reviewed a very summery Maybelline lipstick for you and I promised you another Maybelline lipstick review. Now it is time for that other review of another lipstick by the same brand. Today I am reviewing '162 Feel Pink'.
In contrast to the lipstick I reviewed last time, this shade was available according the Dutch website. This time however, I couldn't find it on the international website. In holland we have 12 shades of this line and according the international there are 68 shades. Maybelline promises a crisp colour from pure pigments and a creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar.
The packaging is the same as the other Maybelline lipstick I reviewed but this one doesn't have a silver square on the top of the lid. I have to apologize for the nasty sticky residues left on the lid but I just can't get rid of it, it is impossible to get off.
The colour of this lipstick is really pretty and great for autumn in my opinion. It is a really pretty rosy pink colour which should be a classic must have in every girls/womens makeup collection. The pigmentation is really good and I think it is a great everyday colour and a good nude.
I am satisfied with my new Maybelline lipsticks and I do not think my collection will stop with these two. I already have to keep myself glued to a chair to prevent my hands from buying more shades because these lipsticks are amazing. The pigmentation is great and they wear quite a long time, approximately 2 hours. This for the amazing price of €11,79.

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  1. This one's really pretty too! Much more natural haha