HEMA Fan Brush

Hello my loves,

I have been looking for a nice brush to apply my highlighter. What brush? I had absolutely no idea until I was searching the brush section at HEMA. I found this fan-shaped brush and I remembered a YouTube video in which somebody told me about there brush must haves. The fan brush was among them and she used it to apply highlighter at her cheeks. I decided to give this little fan a try.
MAC has a similar makeup-brush and they say that it is perfect for the featherweight application and blending of pigments and powders or can be used as a tool to gently clear the skin of any excess product. Not a word about highlighter and on other websites I found out that this brush can be used for blush as well.
I have always liked the design of the HEMA brushes. Most of them have a black steel with the HEMA-logo on it in white. I also have a powder brush with a white steel and a foundation brush with a pink handle but I prefer the ones in black.
Th hairs of the brush are incredible soft and after I plucked some of the sparse hairs the brush had a nice shape as well. I washed it and none of the hairs came out which is something I am not used to. Cheap brushes like this one normally moult like crazy but not this one. I am impressed.
I used this brush for applying both highlighter and blush and it worked great with both products. The brush is amazing for applying a very pigmented blush like the Catrice Glamazona one I never really use because it is way to pigmented to apply with a ordinary blush brush. This is however not my favourite way to  use this brush, I like it better for applying highlighter (which was the purpose of it when I bought it). It sprinkles the perfect amount of the highlighter on my cheeks and it is just perfect.
You can buy the fan brush by HEMA for €3,10 at most HEMA stores.

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