Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil 12 I Have A Green

Hello my loves,

Every autumn brings the same colours and you love them or you hate them (how can you hate those gorgeous colours?). Burgundy, black, grey, metallics and of course emerald. I have to say that I'm a big sucker for burgundy and warm red colours  but emerald is a colour I can appreciate as well. That's why I picked an eye pencil up in this pretty jeweltone.
Essence promises a long-lasting and colour-intense eye pencil that's super-easy to apply accurately. With the innovative (not really anymore) twist-mechanism you can easily apply a cool colour to your eyes that's perfect for the current season. There's a total of 8 colours and I have one of them; '12 I Have A Green'.
The other colours are:

  • 01 Black Fever
  • 02 Hot Chocolate
  • 05 C'est La Vie
  • 09 Cool Down
  • 12 I Have A Green
  • 15 Bling Bling
  • 16 Coolest Chick
  • 17 Tu-Tu-Tourquoise
The packaging has the exact same colour as the pencil inside, which is really handy when your searching for it in your stash. I like the twist-mechanism but there's a con-side to it. After a couple of uses, the pencil turns stub and there's no way of sharpening it. The good thing is that even with a stub pencil, you can still draw a thin line because the pencil is so tiny. 
This eye pencil has the exact colour I was looking for when I went to the store to buy an emerald coloured pencil. It's even more than I wanted because it's metallic (another autumn trend) as well. The colour is hard to describe but I think the best way to do it is to say that this is a gorgeous emerald colour with subtle golden shimmers.
The look I made with this pencil is a really easy subtle green eyeliner look. I used a bunch of green eyeshadows and finished to look with the emerald liner and some mascara. Here's are the products I used.
My base consisted out of a shimmery copper coloured cream eyeshadow (Catrice - Made To Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow - 080 Copper & Gabbana) and I started my crease with a reddish brown (MAC - Velvet Eyeshadow - Mulch). After this I just started mixing and blending every green colour I have onto my lid and into my crease (Catrice - Hip Trip Eyeshadow Palette - Haunting Melody) (Catrice - Liquid Metal Eyeshadow - 060 Petrol Pan) (Bourjois - Ombre à Paupières - 48 Vert Pétillant) (Catrice - Absolute Eye Colour - 640 Don't Touch My Mosserati!). I applied the emerald green liner along my lash line (Essence - Longlasting Eye Pencil - 12 I Have A Green) and finished the look with some mascara (Catrice - Glamour Doll Volume Mascara - 010 No limits).  
I'm really happy with my new eye pencil and I've used it a couple times already since I picked it up. The colour is perfect for autumn and I like the look it gives my eyes. Even with no other makeup, it gives me a fresh and awake look and just a little extra. You can but this eye pencil for €1,49 and you get 0.28 gram for that price. Too bad you're not able to sharpen it, but still, a good budget eye pencil. 

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