Empties: September & October

Hello my loves,

Time for another empties post, and it is already the second to last one of 2013. Has this year not gone by like a speedboat? My head is still in France while the leaves are falling outside and the sky is turning darker quicker every day. The one thing that never stops is me finishing products I use and today I am going to show you which ones I finished in the last two months.
I can not make pictures of these products anymore because a friend of mine needed them for an art project but I think I still need to incorporate them in this post since I did finish them. The first one I finished is the Prime And Fine Translucent Loose powder by Catrice which I have been using for a really long time. At the moment I am using a compact powder but I really like using this old one. Than I finished a BB cream by Maybelline which I liked but got tired of in the end. It did give me enough coverage but I just felt my skin going down as I started using it again. The third makeup product is a mascara by Rimmel. This has become one of my favourite mascaras and I love it. Maybe I will repurchase this when I finish my Catrice Glamour Doll one because I did not review this one yet. The last one is a perfume which I finally finishes after three years, Beyonce Heat Rush. I wanted to finish this before the autumn time and I did it.
Let's move on to shower products I finished quite a few hair product this time, a shampoo, conditioner and a deep conditioner.  The shampoo I finished is the Grapefruit Tonic one by Garnier. I wrote a loving review about it but I have to take my words back a little bit. This shampoo does what it promises indeed but I noticed that my split ends got worse as longer I was using it. That is why I wont be repurchasing this again. The conditioner I finished is the Aussie Aussome Volume conditioner which I liked but did not feel like it did something for my hair. I did not give me extra volume or anything. The last hair product that is empty now is the John Frieda, Deep Repair deep conditioner. The last product on this picture is not a product for your hair but it is a product for in the shower.I finally finished my Dove Beauty Blossom body wash.  I have loved using this but I just got  tired of it, last month I went all out with this, I used this every time I took a shower (so basicly every day) and I reminded me of how much I loved it. Still I am glad it is empty now because now I can buy some wintery body washes.
The next category of finished products is skincare and I finished three things this month. The first one is by Vichy and it is the Pureté Thermal 3 in 1 Solution Micellaire, in other words Bioderma but better. I have been loving Bioderma lately but I have to say that I like this one by Vichy better. That why I would probably buy this one again after I finish my Bioderma one. The second product I finished is by Nivea, just like the third one. They are from the same 'Aqua Effect' line and I love this line. After finishing them three times, I thought it was time to try something else. I do however think that I will go back to these ones some time soon.
Than as a third category I have miscellaneous beauty products. I finished three nail polish removers of which two of them are by HEMA. For some reason I always peel the stickers of these jars off but you might recognize the bright pink packaging, it is the Dip&Clean Nail Polish Remover, which is the love of my life. This is just so easy and I always remove my nail polish with this, just not my glitter polish because that ruins the sponge that is inside the jar. Just the fact I love wearing glitter nail polish is the only reason why I still but normal nail polish remover. I do not have any preferences but I currently finished the one from Kruidvat. Than I also finished my beauty blossom cream which I used along with my body wash and a roll-on eye thing by Garnier.
The last products! Are you sad yet?  This month I decided to clean out my nail polish and I have a few polishes I am going to throw again after this post. They were all getting thick or as good as empty.

  • L'Oreal: name unknown
  • Essence: 05 Simply Nude
  • Essence: Anti Split Nail Sealer
  • Maybelline: 12 Rose Force
  • Essence: 74 Fall For Me
  • Essence: 03 Pink Glam
Another thing I will be throwing away is this really old Essence Lipstick. I believe these are still sold but I despise them. They look really cheap and colour I own, 52 In The Nude,  is horrific. Maybe I will give the new ones a try but the old ones, no freakin' way.  The last thing I used up is a mask. I finished the Refreshing Raspberry Mask by Dr. Van Der Hoog and that was it for the last two months. My next empties post will be the last one of this year! Wajoo that escalated quickly. See you again next month, next saturday!

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